Beauty Product Reviews

In love and I want more

I actually have size 3, I got it as a birthday gift and it is truly beautiful. I've worn it on the inner corner of my eyes several times now and it's too much and just enough at the same time. I freakin love it! I have sensitive skin and was relieved the glue did not irritate my skin. It's easy to work with and I have zero experience with glitter or glue on my face. I want more.

The color is beautiful for sure but the formula is not my favorite of liquid lipsticks. The color tends to bleed which I've experienced with reds like this so I'm honestly not sure if it's has something to do with how you make a deep red shade. I probably won't try another shade from the brand.

The brush is a good size and stiffness

I really like this brush, the bristles are short enough that they don't bend and are pretty stiff but still pliable. Haven't had any issues with rouge bristles sticking out from the rest which was an issue I had with a different angle brush.