Beauty Product Reviews

Breath Taking

Okay, so I have been wanting the Sunset palette forever and never pulled the trigger, then I had a 100.00 gift card at Sephora, went in and bought the Gold palette because I thought it was a limited edition, which apparently is not. I regretted not getting Sunset so I planned to buy it from Beautylish, but then......ND came out with Sunrise! I could not even breath, when I saw the two as a bundle I just closed my eyes and clicked BUY BUY BUY!! I have to say, of all my over 150 palettes, I can't stop using these, I use them together, separate, etc. Talk about stunning!!

Wet Peach

I had to post a 2nd review on this because it is from the glitter fantasy line, you can not feel any glitter or grit at all, it just feels nice and smooth and moisturizing, love it!

Happy not Happy

I have both of these palettes, and the only thing keeping me from sending them back are the shimmers, luckily the happy hour only has a few mattes. The shimmers in both palettes are absolutely beautiful and apply and stay on well, but the mattes are a sad disappointment, there is not a lot of pigment, but you can build them up, however once you build them up, they go patchy in places leaving skin showing thru, while the rest of it just blends away to nothing. It got so bad with the bald spots that I couldn't even take another eyeshadow over it, at last I had to wipe everything off and start again, bringing in my Jeffree Star palettes and using his mattes instead, then used the shimmers from the Stila palettes. Like I said, the shimmers are so gorgeous I have to keep them for those, otherwise I would return both.

New HG Product

Wow, thank goodness Beautylish is on it!! I have never owned any type of high end brush set, although I have become really good with my makeup, I normally use drugstore brushes, Morphe, Real Techniques, the highest end would be IT Cosmetics, so I really wanted to treat myself to the Wayne Goss eye set, and omg I am in love with them, but my next question I need to care for these differently? A few days after my brushes arrived, Beautylish sent me an email on how to care for real hair brushes, and thank goodness too, I though washing my eye brushes every single day in baby shampoo was taking good care of them, WRONG!!! Now I know I would have broken down and ruined these, so I literally did not do any washing at all (again) on them until I came back here and ordered all 3 products recommended for their care, and so glad I did, this was one of the products and I am so happy!!!!

Love this Foundation

This really is awesome coverage and doesn’t settle into lines or pores! And the price? Omg amazing!

Best one yet

This is the prettiest Theory palette yet! I love greens and this doesn’t disappoint, you can wear the shimmers alone or layer them for a different look! Layer the light green over the emerald and you have a golden olive and so on.

I was worried after seeing a couple reviews that the palette wouldn't be pigmented enough, but boy were they wrong! This palette is so gorgeous I just cant stop using it! I have worn multiple looks with it now and every shade is soft and creamy and very pigmented! It is hard to explain, but no matter what look you wear, it looks gorgeous and even for day time, maybe the "lack" of pigmentation they mention is that it is certainly not BAM in your face color like the Electric palette, but they for sure are not subtle either, your eyes just look beautiful. I am planning to collect them all now.

New HG Product

I have wanted to try this powder for so long and finally got it, this has very quickly become my holy grail of powders!! It sets my makeup beautifully including the under eye area, it is matte but in no way is it flat. When I dust this on my entire look just looks perfectly blended and seems to look even better as the day goes on.