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Beauty Product Reviews

Best !

A drink for dry hair. Favorite Klorane conditioner ! I'll take Desert ate over the other varieties

Best !

Wish I tried Desert Date before buying the other varieties because this is the best. Creamy and nourishing for my dry hair. Has a fresh scent not a fruity scent. Will repurchase.


This is my favorite of all the bioderma shower products. Works great on my dry, sensitive, skin. Leaves skin feeling clean, no film, no dryness. This is the only body wash I actually trust on my face. It does have a light clean fresh scent. Does not have a cheap perfume scent that body washes often have. I will repurchase consistently.

Very Nice

I'm not a huge fan of floral fragrance in my hair but this scent is lovely. Lathers well, makes my hair soft.


Does exactly what the listing says. Nourishing for sure. Smells wonderful. The conditioner is a must.

Works Well

I usually like creamy conditioners but this is really nice. Does a good job even though it's a gel. Doesn't leave residue, leaves my hair soft, smells great.

This actually works

Most lip products just fail at doing what they are suppose to do. Not this one and it smells like Bubble Yum Grape gum. Bonus. Simple and moisturizing.

Very Nice

I will purchase again just because I love the scent. Wish it left my skin more moisturized but it's decent compared to other products.

Great for dry skin

Hydrating, removes makeup and stubborn mascara without burning or stripping my skin dry. Does not break me out. Smells wonderful. The French do skincare right! Thanks Beautylish for taking the time to send products in cute quality packages. A+

Love this

I have dry, sensitive skin that is very picky when it comes to products. Hydrabio Lait is so calming on my skin, does not break me out. Removes makeup and mascara without stripping my skin dry. Plus it has an amazing fresh light sent. A must since I discovered it.