Beauty Product Reviews

I like the glossy-ness. But..

I love how glossy it makes my nails look, but, it makes my nail polish chip and peel in about 2 days. I also like how it dries very fast so I am able to continue on with my day, instead of having to wait 10-15mins for my hands to completely dry.

It`s Okay

I bought this at wal-mart for about 5$. I liked how easily it went on, and you only needed a little. Also it held to the foundation very well. But, after about a few days it started to make me break out. So I gave it to my sister, and she loves it.


Do not buy this stuff. Probably the worst foundation I have ever tried! When I bought this I looked at the color and it looked very close to what I usually wear. When it came out of the can it went about 2-3 shades darker and was this god aweful orange color. Like when you see those girls with those bad spray tans. It was also very sticky and it didn`t keep its consistency it pretty much turned to water. I definitely do not recommend this to anyone.

Love it!

I just love the shades of this palette. Since I am a girl who mostly wears browns and beige, this is the perfect palette for me. The only thing that I would change is to have more matte shades, but I still like all the shimmer.

White Not The Best

So I pretty much have every colour, except for a few. The white one seems to dry up and become stringy very fast. My favourite is the Red Glitter. What I love most about the products are the price. They are very cheap and affordable.

No Breakout

This is by far the best foundation I have ever used! It also is the only one that does not make me break out. It's overall coverage is very good also.