Beauty Product Reviews

Blown away

I am literally blown away with these. They exceeded my expectations. You barely have to put any pressure on these to get the most amount of pigment I've ever seen.


I love beautylish but this was a letdown. The bye bye pores pressed powder by it cosmetics was smashed. I received two items that I already own. Unsure if I would do this again as it was a huge disappointment

I just love bioderma

I bought this along with all of the other products for oily skin. My skin is a oily mess on most occasions and since using bioderma I've noticed a huge difference. I use this in the morning on days i don't use the exfoliator. Leaves my face feeling clean and fresh without drying. Use this with my spin brush and it makes a great foam.

I love this

This is a great exfoliator. I like using it when my face feels tired and blah in the morning. I love all of the bioderma products for oily skin, they have made a huge difference in my skin.

Great for oil!

This definitely does what it says. I use this in the morning before applying foundation and it keeps my face nice and matte all day. Not a fan of using at night but I really enjoy it.

Huge difference

I've been using this about a month now and it has made such a HUGE difference in my pores in my nose. I always have large ones no matter what I have done and its reduced them to almost nothing. My makeup looks so much better on my face from this. I have super oily skin and all the bioderma sebium products have made a huge difference. will be repurchasing this!

I'm in love

I just got this and I'm in love. I used it for half of my face and cleaned the other half with a makeup wipe. Let's just say it puts the makeup wipe to shame. My new go to. Took all my oil off and left me feeling fresh and clean. Absolutely love the smell.