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Blackest Black

I am on love with this product! Pros: -VERY black -stays all day -pigment is amazing -stays on water line -glides on easy -very smooth Cons -can be difficult to get off -will not come out of clothes Overall Review: I tried this product because I saw people RAVING about it on youtube, and i understand why. This is the best gel eyeliner I've ever used. It's container may seem small but a little goes a long way. I had bought it with good expectations buy this exceeded them 100%. I will purchase this product again!


I have heard and watched so many things about this product. My close friends use it and say they are just in love with this product. I honestly am a drugstore girl, but this product is a must have! I know 18$ is not cheap, but honestly this product is worth it. I am obsessed with eyebrows so this product is a major plus. Pros~ For amount given it is worth the price. Doesn't smudge! Bow i know this sounds impossible, but its so true the only way i could remove it was by makeup remover and even that was a doozy. <--- um never use that word 😂 Cons~Very dark application almost impossible to do a ombré. Super silky almost too silky but i also love that. Overall Review~ Love and would purchase again