Beauty Product Reviews

OMG it smells soooo good!

It’s pretty funny how some people hate this smell because I find it to be one of the most seductive smells I’ve ever come across! The first time I wore it and my husband walked by he instantly stopped and asked what amazing new perfume I was wearing. Pretty funny to tell him it’s just Bum Bum cream. Anyways...I can’t get enough of this and it makes my skin feel divine! I looked up the scent notes to see what a good description is and I found this: Top: Pistachio, Almond. Mid: Heliotrope, Jasmine Petals. Dry: Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Sandalwood. To me, it smells like a high end spa with notes of Ambergris. #Seductive


Seriously. Hourglass has THE BEST powder formulas, whether it’s their blushes, bronzers, or Veil setting powder. This quad is no exception.

The absolute BEST lip liners!

I’ve tried any and all lip liners on the market and this is hands down my favorite formula and totally worth the price! Talk about creamy and comfortable to line with.....yet the dry down is almost permanent and not moving anytime soon! I have nearly every color now and will be loyal for life!

Sooooo good!

Litchi is one of my favorite shades ever. Sisley’s formulas for their lip products just cannot be matched. They are so creamy, yet pigmented and rich, creamy, long lasting....and did I say creamy?! Totally worth the price!

The BEST neutral mattes ever!

This really is the best, creamy, easily blendable, pigmented and rich neutral palette of all time.

Sisley = Stunning Quality!

I am just never disappointed with Sisley lip products! I think they have the best lip liner in the industry and their lipsticks are just amazing! Totally worth the price!

Lovely formula!

Very creamy and comfortable! Great wear time! Nice skim design for using with a small handbag! Love these!


I just love these lipsticks and now own just about every shade. So long wearing. Comfortable. Pigmented yet creamy for a matte. Just....fabulous!

Just an honest review

I was so excited when Wayne announced this collection. I know it was a work in progress for a while and I could not wait to get my hands on it!

I want to be very honest because I think consumers, spending their money, need to know the real deal about the product, aside from supporting someone like Wayne who I really admire. The price tag of these products require that the quality match or live up to the investment.

I purchased the whole collection. The lip liners are definitely high quality and I can fully support the purchase of them. However, the lip glosses are just terrible. They’re sticky (gloopy) and the pigment in them begins to gather into patches and globs at the inner rim of the lips, within 15 minutes of wear time. The formula ingredients do not seem to be well emulsified.

The lipsticks, in my humble opinion, are lower mid range, and the formula falls somewhere between Revlon and Mac (not as high quality as Becca, or even ABH at $18). The wear time, was along the lines of Revlon Super Lustrous (2-3 hours). The price tag of the lipsticks, for me, is way overpriced and most of the shades had an orange undertone.

I can recommend the lip liners, and I look forward to Wayne and the production crew improving on the formulas of the glosses and lipsticks, as well as delving into cooler toned shades and shades that are more inclusive of different skin tones.

A Review of the Palette

This is a review of the Palette, not a review of J.S. I’ve been experimenting with this palette for a few weeks now and am sooo glad I purchased it. These tones make up the best curation of grays I have ever seen. It’s a cool toned dream. One of my favorites is the green leaning “inheritance”. Every shade is unique and I’ve been able to create such a wide variety of looks. As far as the quality goes, it’s great. Patchiness? Nope. Smooth blendability? Yes. My favorite eyeshadow formulas come from Viseart, Natasha Denona, and Pat McGrath. This palette ranks up there with what is now one of my favorites of all time!