Beauty Product Reviews

Made me a believver

This is one of the best powders I've tried from any single brand. The powder is so finely milled and truly produces no color when sitting on the skin! I used it for my engagement photos and there was no flashback and it set my makeup into place from 2 PM to 2 AM through heat and a lot of flash photography. This is better for setting all over the face rather than under the eyes. I don't bake so I cant comment on its usefulness in that regard but this powder exceeded all my expectations.

Mixed results

I have dry/dehydrated skin and thought this powder would be my holy grail but from day to day the finish on the powder differs even if the amount doesnt. I use my Hakuhodo powder brush to apply it and because this powder is SO finely milled a little goes such a long way. This can become an issue if you accidentally over powder. It doesnt look cakey so much as it looks like the skin is an arid surface (SUPER matte). I think this partially because the packaging only dispels a small amount of the powder which isnt enough to cover the face so when you try to sift more out, it ends up being too much. By no means is it a bad powder but use way less than you think you need!

Absolutely amazing brushes!

I own the hakuhodo brushes, Mac brushes, sigma and morphe brushes and these are by far the softest brushes I own. This brush is most similar to the sigma e40 brush but it's even larger than that. It blends our transition colors and colors you want higher in the crease very well but j wouldn't use this for precision work. I love this brush and use it daily with my MUG and MUFE shadows