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  • Tress Trend: Rose-Goldilocks!
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    Tress Trend: Rose-Goldilocks!

    First punk-rocker Beauties flaunted highlighter hair, then models at last year's Peter Som fashion show rocked streaks of pink, and now celebrities are sporting rosy-dipped ends. Keep reading to see how this pretty tress trend can work for you!

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  • The Lazy Girl's Updo

    The Lazy Girl's Updo

    Do you like sporting a loose, looped ponytail? Good news: the bedhead updo is becoming a major mane trend! Celebrity hairstylist Jenny Cho shares her tips on how to achieve the messy-chic style.

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  • 3 Creative Ways To Dress Up Your Bob

    3 Creative Ways To Dress Up Your Bob

    Got a fresh bob for the New Year? Just because you’re rocking shorter tresses doesn't mean you need to sport the same loose style. Keep reading to discover a few easy and modern ways to create stunning 'dos for chin-length cuts.

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  • How Often Should You Condition Your Hair?

    How Often Should You Condition Your Hair?

    Moisture is essential to your hair's health but how do you know when you've had too much of a good thing? Keep reading to discover when you've reached the hydration limit of your locks and learn best ways to avoid over-conditioning your mane.

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  • Scar Cover Techniques

    Scar Cover Techniques

    Don’t you hate those childhood scars that don’t seem to fade? Keep reading for tips on how to properly disguise and conceal scars from Cover FX president Lee Graff!

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  • 5 Minute Makeup Lessons
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    5 Minute Makeup Lessons

    We're all pushed for time, but there’s no way we’d leave the house without makeup! Luckily, our experts have you covered. Keep reading to find out how to create a brown smoky eye, contour your cheekbones, and get bold brows—and each makeover takes only takes five minutes!

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  • Should You Detox?

    Should You Detox?

    Wondering whether a detox diet will rid you of your holiday pounds? Keep reading to find out which cleanses will actually help you get healthier and which ones are a waste of time and money.

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  • The Right Order to Apply Your Skin Care

    The Right Order to Apply Your Skin Care

    Sequencing your skin care routine seems relatively easy, but at times can be difficult to grasp which products follow which. Discover how to apply your morning and evening staples in the correct order.

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  • Winter Hair Tune Up

    Winter Hair Tune Up

    Did you know that your hair can get drier than your skin during winter? Whether you have a short pixie crop, long Rapunzel locks, or a brilliantly colored 'do, your mane needs protection! Keep reading for expert tips on how to keep your strands strong and healthy during the cold months.

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  • How to Part Your Hair for Your Face Shape
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    How to Part Your Hair for Your Face Shape

    Ready for a big change? Revamp your look dramatically with a simple flip of your hair. Keep reading to discover which part angle works best on you.

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