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Sheer but reflective

I purchased lavender because i love purple! The color itself is translucent with a periwinkle shift. There's not a lot of color to this one. It looks very shiny on the eye and definitely reflective. It works better on top of eyeshadow or a dark base. The texture feels chunky but i didn't have fall out. Has great staying power, no creasing or fading. IMO this is not a special color. There are cheaper more pigmented alternatives. This is pretty as a brow bone or inner corner highlight but as i stated i can get this effect from other products. I don't have the other shades but from watching reviews i think they perform better and actually show up on the lid. Overall i think the lavender is just a weak color. More than likely I'll be returning this. When they restock i might try a different shade. For the price you are getting a lot of product 0.20oz. Tarte has a similar product for $22 but it only has 0.11oz. ND is actually a really good value compared to other brands.