Beauty Product Reviews

i LOVE this product. i bought it 6 months ago & still have plenty to last. its long lasting so i NEVER have to reapply during the day, it doesn't smudge or smear ! i use it everyday. i HIGHLY recommend thi product, you won't regret it, i promise !

i love mac. and i love liquid liner. however, i bought "boot black" liquid liner. & i was thoroughly disappointed. i normally by drugstore liquid liners, (my favorite right now is NYC) but i decided to splurge and i wish i hadnt. i didnt like the formula. and the brush wasn't flexible enough. i also had to reapply my makeup several times during the day because it smudged. it isn't long lasting!

i love this product. the only bad thing i have to say, is when you get to the end of it; there's still alot of product left inside the little like holes. you CAN depot it tho. it isn't hard. other than than; i LOVE this product. healthy, kissable, sweet smelling lips all day :)