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Holy Mother of Mixing Mediums!

I heard great things about this product, but I didn't have much of a reason to get it until recently. I bought Inglot's AMC Gel eyeliner in 77 (black) and loved how pigmented and intense it was. However, it seemed to dry out quite quickly, less than a month after I got it to be exact. It would apply in a chunky fashion, was draggy on the skin, and dried too quickly to apply in the thick, dramatic cat-eye look that I like. But then I bought Duraline, applied just a drop to the gel eyeliner, gently mixed it in, and like magic it turned my AMC gel eyeliner into almost a liquid eyeliner formula without changing the intensity of the pigment. Basically, it turned it into the blackest black liquid eyeliner which easily creates sharp but smooth lines and dries to an almost bulletproof finish! I am floored! I haven't tried it with any lose pigment yet, but I have high hopes. Since you only need a drop, this little bottle should last ages; plus I love the button on top of the cap that helps dispense the liquid.

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Best Gel Eyeliner!

I love doing the cat-eye wing, and I've mostly used liquid eyeliners for that. I've wanted to try a gel eyeliner, but I just wasn't sure which one. I saw this and read a bunch of reviews about how pigmented, long lasting, and easy to apply the formula was, and the price was good so I picked one up. WOW! I'm blown away by how black this eyeliner is. It is really easy to apply, and dries very quickly to a matte finish. I will warn you, though. If your eyeliner brush bristles are any color other than black, this eyeliner will stain them even after multiple washes! That is how pigmented this liner is! Now I want a bunch of the other colors, especially the red (I've never seen a true red eyeliner before that was meant for the eye area).


I saw that this was a limited edition shade, and I though that this would be a good first purchase from Sugarpill, plus I'm always looking for the perfect red eyeshadow. This shade is gorgeous! It is a lovely cool-toned red with silver sparkles; it applies smoothly and goes on very pigmented with a primer. The pan itself is very large for an eyeshadow, almost big enough to swirl a blush brush in if you so desired. And the packaging is so adorable! I'm really looking forward to purchasing more Sugarpill eyeshadows.

Super Happy!

This was my first Sugarpill purchase. I'll be honest, I wasn't sure if the product would live up to the hype that surrounds the brand. Well, now I know why so many people love Sugarpill! The pigments are super sparkly, bright, and multi-dimensional. Though they may look like lots of other loose eyeshadows out there, they actually are quite unique. My favorite part of these eyeshadows is how large they are! I'm an economical gal, so I really like getting the most bang for my buck. The overall price may scare some people off (it almost put me off), but if you figure the price per gram of product that you receive, the value is truly phenomenal. I feel like these jars will last me for the rest of my life, even if I used them every day. Royal Sugar is my favorite out of the Atomic Trio; it is unlike any other blue I've seen. It is trickier to work with than the other colors, but if you use base that is slightly tacky than it should apply well. Long-winded, I know, but this is just how happy I am with Sugarpill.