Pink and White Dots 1 in. Flat Iron

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Lizz N.
Great product!!!

I bought one of these at target the other day because my sister broke my old straightener... One I paid $100 for at the mall 40 miles from my house. This one works as well at that one, with one small drawback... it doesn't have different heat settings. it's either on or off with this one. other then that, it works wonders!!!! with that heat setting, i think it could be close to salon quality, but it just isn't quite the same without that heat setting. I do love love love the design of it... mine has hot pink plates, which is AWESOME!!! All in all, I like it. I don't really use the heat setting anyway once I find one that works well on my hair, as this one does. But some people might find the 410 degrees of the straightener to be too much or too little for their hair...