Yves Saint Laurent

PERFECT TOUCHRadiant Brush Foundation


Sherweet A.

My skin is oily and very sensitive and I break out very easily.. I usually hate foundations because they always give me the feeling that I'm covering my face with plastic.. always feeling that my skin can't breathe.. but I fell in love with this foundation. It has a lightweight and semi matte finish which is perfect for me. It's not oily and at the same time is not dry.. it is the perfect balance for my skin... will continue using it of course..

Ashlee B.
THE perfect highlight shade for me!

I love this stuff. It's very light, and dries to a beautiful semi-matte finish. At first I thought I wouldn't like the brush applicator, but I found that this particular shade is wonderful for highlighting my cheekbones WITH the brush. Give it a try. And the scent is nice and fresh!

Amira A.
my favorite foundation

so sad my sephora stopped carrying this. my absolute FAVE. looks flawless and is my perfect match. i do find the brush annoying and unsanitary so i always end up popping it off before i use a new bottle. love it!

Meera I.

My skin is so fussy so I've always stuck to safe, tried-and-tested products by Laura Mercier, Clarins and Revlon. This is the first time I've used a foundation by Yves Saint Laurent, and I'll definitely be going back. This is a beautiful foundation for a number of reasons: 1) The finish. This was the first reason I was dying to buy this foundation as soon as I saw it. Like the Touche Éclat, it gives a sort of dreamy, soft-focus finish that is dewy and radiant. I'm a fan of this look over matte, so I was sold immediately. It evens out my skin tone so I have an all-over satin-y finish. 2) The packaging. Granted, the gimmick was a primary selling-point for this lazy consumer - that said, I was wary about the brush after reading some negative reviews. But as it turned out, I love it! It's silky and blends so easily, never streaky. I guess it depends on the user's skin, so do give it a test-run in the store before buying. *note* Hygiene is an issue here, especially as the closed bottle provides a lovely breeding ground for germs, so I wash it after every use. Very simple - switch it to 'OFF' (another great feature), work in some mild shampoo, rinse clear, and leave to dry overnight. 3) The formula. My combination skin is very prone to breakouts, but this product is non-comedogenic so I hoped for the best (I'd rather it was oil-free too, but you can't have it all). I've been using it for a few weeks and not had any problems - if anything, I love how it makes my skin feel. The foundation contains a "baby-skin" complex which is supposed to improve the condition of skin, and my skin does feel surprisingly baby-soft when I wear it. 4) The shades. The foundation is available in 14 different shades, in both pink and yellow tones, so I think there is one for everyone. I have 2 shades which I alternate between seasonally, #5 Peach and #6 Gold Beige.

Here are the cons: *The coverage is going to be lacking for some of you. If you have blemishes, note that this probably will not hide them. When I tried it in the store, the MUA applied a thick layer and I hated it - the coverage was heavier, but you could tell I was wearing a lot. I don't like a heavy coverage so I use foundation for an even finish, and use concealer on individual blemishes for a flawless and natural finish. *It's on the pricey side. I paid £30, although I'm told if you're lucky you can pick up your shade on eBay for half that. *Other reviewers have commented on the smell. I don't hate it, as a lot of people seem to, as I don't mind melon scents. This is quite strong though, and I imagine particularly off-putting because it throws you off-guard - "why does my foundation smell of melon??" It's a far-fetched theory, but I wonder if the smell was added to represent the "baby skin" complex - as in, that's not melon, that's breast milk. I've probably put you all off buying it now. Really, it's not so bad. *It's not oil-free, as I've mentioned. It's fine now in the winter, when my skin is a little drier, but I can see it being a problem in the summer. If it is, I'll probably switch to the brand's oil-free Matt Touch foundation - YSL have made me a believer!