Yves Saint Laurent

DESSIN DU REGARD WATERPROOF - Long-Lasting Waterproof Eye Pencil


Cara Michelle W. Team
Amazing eye pencil, but a bit too expensive

I purchased Yves Saint Laurent Waterproof Eye Pencil in '1 Black Ink' to apply on both my upper and lower waterline. It is amazing. It goes on super black and the texture of the pencil is soft and creamy, making it easy to apply all the product your eye needs in one back and forth sweep. I especially love using this product on my waterline because it is very waterproof and will not smudge or fall throughout the day. Within the packaging, each pencil also comes with a sharpener, which is great if it's your first purchase.

Even though I do love this product, it is a bit too expensive for me at $30.00. Since I do my makeup on a daily basis, I found that the pencil itself doesn't last very long. Because of the soft texture of this liner, the tip dulls down quickly and needs to be sharpened often. Within a short amount of time, I find myself trying to use the last inch of it and having to purchase another one. A few purchases later, I'm left with a handful of YSL pencil sharpeners and a need to find a more affordable eye liner.

Overall, I understand that this is a product from a luxury brand and would continue to use it if I could. And I would still definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a great waterproof eye liner. But for now, I found an alternative which works just as amazing for half the price. Here's my little secret: Hourglass 1.5mm Mechanical Gel Eye Liner :)