Ultimate Concealer


Krystal C.
conceals, highlights, lasts through heat and sweating

The Youngblood Ultimate Concealer is indeed "ultimate". It is lightweight, yet very emollient which makes it easy to blend into the skin and it still packs a lot of coverage. This concealer seems to melt into your skin like a foundation does, unlike most concealers that tend to stay topical and need a lot of setting in order for them to "stay put". I can wear this over blemishes, under eyes and even as a highlight, as the shade Medium is lighter than my skin tone but I can still blend the shade out to a sheerer tone which camouflages into my skin seamlessly. I'm usually very sparing with my concealers, none of them have the brightening effect that the Ultimate Concealer does. My favorite use for this concealer is to brighten up the entire under eye area. Having two young children, I pretty much only function on caffeine and my eyes are beginning to tell that secret, so the concealer is like magic, bringing my skin back to life!