Yes to Tomatoes

Daily Clarifying Cleanser


Kaylee D.

This product is a little drying, but besides that I absolutely love it! Iv been using it for a while and wanted to try something different, so I bought the clarisonic to see if that would clean better...after a few months I gave up on it, for $200 I was very disappointed, I went back to using yes to tomatoes and my skin got so much better! It's natural too and it makes your skin so soft

Bec S.
I like it!

At first I was weirded out to the tomatoes part, but I had heard good things about this brand (the Yes To... brand) so I decided to give it a shot. I like it! The smell is nice and my face feels clean afterward. I'm trying to break my habit to St. Ives Apricot Scrub. It's not quite as sandpapery as St. Ives (I like sandpapery) but I do feel like I'm getting some scrubbing in. The thing I like most is that it's pretty natural.

Victoria B.
works great, no residue!

this stuff works great! i've been using the same clinique facial wash for years, and it just didn't do the trick for me anymore! this stuff cleared up my breakouts, and has kept my skin clear for weaks now! it doesn't leave any heavy residue, and doesn't have a strong, yucky scent!