Yes To Cucumbers

Facial Towelettes


Marina O.
my favorite facial wipes

I hate face wipes because they never seem to properly clean. I think I use them once a year when I have a crazy situation that doesn't allow for me to wash my face. But when I tried the Yes To Cucumbers I was instantly hooked. They clean so well and one towelette cleans my entire face; foundation, mascara, eyeliner, shadow, everything. AND the best part is that my face doesn't feel sticky or dry after using them. While I still very seldom use any kind of facial wipes, I do keep on hand just in case

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KL  C.
I must have it around at all times!

I don't like face wipes because they tend to feel sticky and gross. Yet, this stuff smells and feels amazing! I feel like I am doing more good then harm to my skin when I wipe this on my face. It really does it's jobs. It takes off makeup, oil, mascara, liner..EVERYTHING. I also love that it comes with a plastic lid versus a cheap label seal that sometimes doesn't do the job of keeping the wipes moist. Also it doesn't sting like most wipes does on my face. Very soothing and calming. After a long dong..I just love to sink my face into it..take a deep breathe and wipe the day away. Good stuff!

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Grace M.
Great Makeup Remover for vegans, Love The Smell

I love these makeup remover towelletes.Yes To Cucumbers is one of my fave lines from Yes To, and Yes To Carrots is runner up, because it contains honey. I love the cucumber line most, not just bc its vegan, but the smell is amazing. It feels like I am at a spa. I love that Yes To often has sales, and I can get my shampoo, some makeup remover, and a balm all at once.

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Amy C.

this product is awesome. this is my favorite product from "Yes To." you can use it as a make up remover before cleansing your face or you can use it for your brushes. either way works great. plus it smells so good and feels refreshing; it will not bother you if used to remove eye make up either. ^_^

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Chelsea L.

I bought these because I like to do a lot of playing with my makeup, I will practice an eye look and then just take it right back off. I love the scent of these wipes and personally wipes are easier to use than liquid makeup remover because it wont spill everywhere and wont make a mess. The only thing is that they dry out very quickly, I put one on my vanity after wiping off my eyeshadow, then got a shower and once I came back to wipe off the mascara that remained under my eyes, the wipe was almost completely dry. But they're amazing other than that, the makeup came right off before that!

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Delaney B.
My travel must have

I am obsessed with these! They make my skin feel really nice and remove the dirt ad oils from my face. This is great for traveling, because the packaging is compact and you don't need to travel with so many products. I love that this is all natural and helps my skin

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Valerie C.
Smell great!

I love these! They aren't the best thing to remove waterproof eye makeup, but other than that they are amazing. They smell great and are 98% natural. You can't beat that!

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Emily H.
Great for after gym!

I love these! The work and smell amazingly. I love to use them after the gym to get all that icky mix of makeup and sweat They are also sooo great to pre-wash before bed at night. The have a nice refreshing tingly feeling and removed makeup amazingly. Love this entire line!

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Emilija M.

What I thought I was buying is a gentle, natural product. But when I got home and tried it... They really burn the skin, and mine is not even sensitive. They're also not spectacular when it comes to taking off make up. I can't help but wonder, how something that is supposedly natural can be so aggressive on your skin?

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Khristine T.
an average wipe..

I didn't find these particular wipes to be something to go crazy about. they actually stung my face, and I do not have sensitive skin. I found that it did not completely take off my make up, and after swiping my face with this product, it left a filmy residue on my face (which i do not like).. the smell was amazing, but otherwise, that's all that there is to brag about it.

I definitely wouldn't recommend this, it just was not for me, and my sister in law also had the same experience, unfortunately.

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