Yes to Carrots

Facial Mask


Piia V.

I love the entire Yes To line, and this mask was no exception. The smell is really spicy and vibrant, and not overpowering. The mask smooths on well and you don't need an ultra thick layer of it for it to work. It works well enough that I only need to use it once a week, and my pores love me for it when I do. It DOES have a tingly sensation when you wear it, so if you have an aversion to that, I'd stay away. But it's not unpleasant if you don't mind it, and you can feel when it's ready to be washed off because it'll feel tight on your skin. But once you wash it off, it leaves your skin not dry or totally stripped but just very clean feeling and refreshed.

Katy H.
never again.
Photo of product included with review by Katy H.

I love these yes to products. but I needed a mask and thought this one would be great. wrong. first the packaging took me twenty mins to open I had to cut the seal on top. it seemed like a tiny amount of product for 12 bucks. when I put it on it felt great dried very quickly tho. it said to wait five mins for it to dry mine was crusty in two mins but I waited an extra min or two to get the full effects. when I took a damp facecloth to my face to remove it everywhere I had the product it looked as if I had a sunburn. my face was BRIGHT RED/PINK it was burning like crazy. took about an hour for the redness and swelling to go away. returning tomorrow. I know this picture is horrible but I don't want other girls to go through what I went through