Yes to Carrots

Day Moisturizer with SPF 15


Arielle Z.

Several years ago I went to the Dead Sea with my family and we covered our whole bodies with the famous mineral-enriched mud. The effect after we washed it off was so sudden; our skin felt so much smoother and younger! This lotion has Dead Sea minerals as one of the main ingredients and acts the same way. It's light but absorbs quickly and makes my dry skin smooth and radiant. I'll never stop buying from this company, especially cause it's all made in Israel, where my extended family's from! <-- fun fact

Emma M.
Great Day Product!

I recently started using this because I loved the Yes To Tomatoes facial moisturizer for combo skin. It really doesn't have a sunscreen smell which I love because no one wants to smell that all day! I do have oily/combo skin and I have found so far it soaks into my skin within ten minutes and doesn't leave an oily residue. I do use a mattifying primer after this because if I didn't my face would probably get oily due to this product not being oil-free. But other than that, I so far love it!

Melanie G.
Very nice!

This is my most recent skin care purchase and I absolutely love it! Unlike my Lush Imperialis moisturizer (which I still use at night), this moisturizer contains SPF 15 so it eliminates having to do that step in my routine in the morning…at least for days where I’m not in the sun very heavily (in which case I’ll use at least SPF 30). It has a clean fragrance (slightly sunscreen-y, but I don't find that its overwhelming). It moisturizes much better than I thought it just soaks right into skin and I almost feel like I'm wearing a makeup primer after applying it because it has a silky feel as opposed to that sticky or greasy feel that many moisturizers have. The pump is also a huge plus because the product is not exposed to air.

Shannyn C.

I think this is a very good day moisturizer. Light-weight, absorbs quickly & leaves my dry/combo skin nicely moisturized. I love that it has SPF 15 as well.