Wet N Wild

Mega Volume Mascara


Abby G.
My go to everyday mascara! I love it!

I literally use this everyday and I love it!! It's so cheap and you can get it at drug stores. I got it on a super quick drug store run after running out of mascaras. I figured for that amount of money I'd use it until I had the money and time to get out to Sephora to buy a new one. I never went. I've been using this mascara ever since and I definitely plan on buying it again!

Kayla r.
pretty good

At first I thought this mascara was very good but then I began to notice that it flakes alot. It did well for my lashes but the flaking I didn't like so much.

Annabel L.
go to everyday mascara, not that volumizing

more than volume, i use this mascara because it's buildable and good for separation on my lashes. i realize that all mascaras work differently on each person, but for me it didn't flake (i've never had a flaking mascara) but it did smudge a little, probably because my skin is oily. it took me 5-6 coats for a false eyelashes affect (but i have short thin eyelashes so it might be different for you)

Arkia M.
Decent for the Price

Saturday I had been out ALL day with no make-up because it was 100 degrees and didn't feel it was worth it that morning, but come 11pm I still had yet to be home and got an invite to party of course I said yes, On to the review!! haha..I was in a hurry and stopped at Walgreens since it's 24/7 and didn't feel like spending a TON of $$ on some last minute make-up so I grabbed this for $2.99 lemme tell ya it's pretty good for a cheapie! It lasted me through the night till the next morning oopsies I didn't wash my face, but whatev's if your new to the make-up scene or need a quick cheap mascara this should be your go-to.

Holly I.
You get what you pay for.

This is a mascara I picked up after my husband and I moved to a new city and my stash somehow went missing. It's pretty decent. I usually only have to do two-three coats to get the effect I want. I'd probably go with LashBlast next time, but this definitely is fine for a last minute purchase. I think I paid 2.49 for it on sale? Definitely flakes though :(

Alexa M.

Hey! This is my second review.

Well this mascara was my first. I had never worn any other kind so thought this was amazing. As soon as i switched to bombshell curvaceous by lashblast, i saw such a difference.

For a stay at home day, this is the right mascara, but if you want an amazing mascara it needs to be expensive.

I bought this mascara at ulta for 4 bucks, while the bombshell curvaceous was about 15.

Tiffany  B.
does the job

for the price of 2.99 it's worth it. i does get a little flaky but it's cheap so i don't complain. the brush it quite good. if you are just starting to wear makeup this is a good mascara for you. this mascara does give volume which is awesome. if you are looking for a better drugstore makeup then buy the wet n wild mega impact in the pink bottle for 3.99. so overall, this is a good mascara for the price, but it does have flaws like every mascara does.