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Mega Plump Waterproof Mascara

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Heather M.
I love this mascara

This mascara is awesome. It does thicken your lashes and makes them look fuller like it says. It is also very waterproof, I go swimming with this on all the time and they still look pretty good. For being cheap, this mascara is great. I would definitely buy this again.

Alisa W.

I keep trying other, more expensive mascaras but I keep coming back to this beauty. I love the brush and love the formula. I never would have thought of trying it but someone on Twitter recommended it so I picked it up.

A fabulous mascara and for under $5!

Justine T.
Keeps lashes curled

I love this mascara! It is so cheap, works amazingg, and is the only one I've ever used to keep my lashes as curled as they were right after I used my eye lash curler, all day.

Shannon S.
Inexpensive and works well.

For such a low price this mascara is great for everyday use. The brush has no curve which i personally like, i find it much easier to apply to the whole lash.

Alyson T.

At first I hated this mascara because I thought it was a little watery. After it got a little older, it did WONDERS for my lashes. The brush is really fat, so that may be a challenge for bottom lashes but this is a really good everyday mascara..... Love it!!!