Wet N Wild

Eyelash Curler


Yasmin K.
Great to have in the purse for touch ups

Comparable to more high end "pocket" eyelash curlers, the Wet 'n' Wild curler is great to toss in the purse and use on the go. The only major draw back is that it's a pain to clean unlike normal eyelash curlers.

Kristen A.
Great in a pinch!

I picked this up on a whim. I don't know why. It was $0.99 and I thought, "Hey this would be great for my purse!". I haven't used it but maybe one time, and that was simply just to try it out. It is perfect for a travel bag or your makeup bag you keep in your purse. Aside from that, I wouldn't recommend it. I think if you need a quick lift, this is great. But, it really doesn't offer much of a curl.

Sherry B.

This is cute to look at and cheap BUT what does it CURL? NOTHING!! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! NOT EVEN A LITTLE!!...and if you have whispies like/straight lashes forget about it this "curler" will do MORE NOTHING!!! skip! Skip! skip!