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Color Icon Brow & Eye Liner


HakaGlamz M.

For the price, i'd be a fool to say there no good lol I purchased the white, turquoise and another colour??? So far I've used the white, but unfortunately it was very faint in colour, as other reviewers have mentioned they do come sharp. I'll keep using it!

Vanessa W.

very basic lining crayon. i don't recommend it as a liner because it's too soft and crayon-ey (? haha) as a liner so you can't really get a sharp looking line, unless you like the smudgey look. It disappears off the waterline, too. but as a brow filler it's great, and for like $2 you have enough to last you a long time. :)

Julia R.

The WnW Dark Brown Color Icon Eye & Brow Pencil is richly pigmented and applies smoothly and evenly to the lash line in one pass. I found it the wrong color to use on my brows (it was too warm for my natural hair coloring). But as an eyeliner, it gets the job done pretty well. It's creamy with strong color, very affordable, and cruelty free + vegan.

However, I had trouble with this smudging and migrating after an hour of wear. It also faded twice during the 10 hours I wore it. So while the smooth formula makes for a nice application, the liner doesn't stay put.

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Julia R.

I'm no stranger to Wet n Wild's eyeliners. My mother gifted this to me as an Easter present a few years ago and I found the color interesting. It goes on rich and deep on the lashes, and would make a great, subtle swap of color instead of the typical black or brown. It wouldn't be out of place during daytime wear.

However, Olive in particular has a very dry formula that tugs and skips along the lash line. I had to go over certain patches a few times to get the color to show up. Also, these comes very sharply pointed, so I recommend grinding the point down by rubbing it on the back of your hand before applying. Because of the hassle with application, I wouldn't recommend this shade to sensitive eyes.

However, once I got the line the way I wanted it, it stayed in place largely until I removed it after 8 hours of wear. These have a good color range for drugstore and the price is right for only 99 cents, so it's not a bad line to experiment with, but don't expect higher end quality here.

(Read the full review at peakvolume.blogspot.com)

Julia R.
Not Worth It

Wet n Wild is an awesome, affordable drugstore brand. So while looking for a more easily accessible alternative to Milk by NYX, I decided to pick this up. It was only 99 cents-and it's not even worth that.

It smudged and migrated after ten minutes (but stayed put for 8 hours after that). It was neither bright nor subtle. It looked more muted on the waterline, where it also wore impressively, but it was tricky to get to show up there. It worked decently as a primer, but the richness it added to the shadow didn't last-the liner as a base faded after about 5 hours.

This product was a steal and you get a lot for the price, but it'ts just too difficult to work with to justify a repurchase.

(Read the full review at peakvolume.blogspot.com)

Natty G.
One of the best eyeliner pencil i've ever used ( hands down)

Its cheap, long and very pigmented pencil. The texture is so soft that i can apply on my waterline without irritation. It cannot last very long period of time so i always apply black eyeshadow on the make it last longer. The only one bad thing about this eyeliner is ... There is only one counter stand in my town!!! ( halmstad , sweden).. Please , i need more!!!

Sade Y.

I absolutely LOVE this brow pencil. I purchased mine for $0.99 at Walmart. They are very inexpensive and easy to use! This is an excellent product to use especially if you are a beginner (like me) at filling in your eyebrows. I want to try new colors and see how those work out too.

Jennifer D.
One of the best brow pencils

This is one of the best natural looking brow pencils I've used. You can't beat the price either at a dollar or less. This brow pencil looks natural in taupe color for most skin tones. Get the taupe in 648 wet n wild. It's comparable to more high end brow pencils. You will love it. I have it also in brown but taupe looks natural with all skin tones. Get taupe 648 use it to fill the brows. It has a nice wax like finish keep it sharpened for precision. These is really one of the best products I've tried , affordable and looks natural on all skin tones.

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Kaitlin K.
Love it!

these were on sale for $0.69 at Walgreens. I got them in turquoise and black one, and I love them! Easy to apply, creamy, just great! I love applying the turquoise first, then a thin line of the black inside of the turquoise one. Great look :)

Jessica T.

I love this eyeliner its only .98 which is a major plus, They are pigmented and glide on smoothly so they dont hurt the waterline either. I own them in multiple shades and have loved everyone that have tried.