Wet N Wild

Color Icon Brow & Eye Liner


Jennifer D.
One of the best brow pencils

This is one of the best natural looking brow pencils I've used. You can't beat the price either at a dollar or less. This brow pencil looks natural in taupe color for most skin tones. Get the taupe in 648 wet n wild. It's comparable to more high end brow pencils. You will love it. I have it also in brown but taupe looks natural with all skin tones. Get taupe 648 use it to fill the brows. It has a nice wax like finish keep it sharpened for precision. These is really one of the best products I've tried , affordable and looks natural on all skin tones.

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Yasmin K.
4 new colors!

There are four new colors in the WnW Color Icon Brow & Eye Liner. The remaining colors have been reformulated as well! No idea if the four new colors are part of the permanent collection or if they are limited to the 2010 Winter Collection that's available at most Walgreens.

650D Purple 661C Amethyst 662B Green 663C Olive

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Sade Y.

I absolutely LOVE this brow pencil. I purchased mine for $0.99 at Walmart. They are very inexpensive and easy to use! This is an excellent product to use especially if you are a beginner (like me) at filling in your eyebrows. I want to try new colors and see how those work out too.

Jessica T.

I love this eyeliner its only .98 which is a major plus, They are pigmented and glide on smoothly so they dont hurt the waterline either. I own them in multiple shades and have loved everyone that have tried.

Taylor B.
Yes Ma'am!

For a buck, these are fabulous. I think I own almost every color now and I mainly use them to amp up my brows (yeah, even the greens and blues!) Some of the colors are creamier than others. But I take a lighter to the pencil and then it goes on just fine (please let the liner cool before putting the melted liner on your face!!!). Like I said, for a dollar you really can't beat the color variety and what they do. These liners are certainly better than some of the higher end liners that I've tried before!

Melissa B.
Very Affordable

I own two of these, white and sky blue. I find that I don't reach for the blue much, but that's just because I'm not much of a blue person. The white one on the other hand I use everyday that I wear make-up. I use it daily as an eye primer and I actually like using this a lot more than a normal eye primer. It amps up the color that you choose to wear and my eye shadow never creases when I use this, plus it stays looking the same as when I applied it until I take it off. It doesn't glide on as smooth as the sky blue one but I think that's why it makes such a great primer, because it has a little bit of stickiness to it but not so much that you can't blend your shadow. I also like this for the inner corner, it brightens it right up. Also another great way to use this is putting this on your waterline and then putting a colored eye shadow over it to make your own liner. I just love that they are only 99 cents and you get so much product, Wet N Wild is just amazing.

Andrea B.

Omg, Wounderful...I have tourqouise,copper,black,violet,silver,blue, and cool green. I use them as eyeliners and I have to say they are one of the best eyeliners out there, very inexpensive .99 a piece and you can get them at wallgreens...p.s. I love the shimmer in it because you can actually see it when you apply the liner.=)

Sherry B.

The eyeliner color choices are so pretty and are true to color ON!! use for a pop of color in the lower lash line! long lasting! inexpensive! one of the best drugstore eyeliners on the market

Kristen A.
Long-wearing and very creamy!

These eye liners offer great color, easy blending and are creamy for easy application. The last fairly well on the waterline as well. They are priced around $1.99 or less. They are offered in a good amount of shades. Definitely worth a try!!

Natty G.
One of the best eyeliner pencil i've ever used ( hands down)

Its cheap, long and very pigmented pencil. The texture is so soft that i can apply on my waterline without irritation. It cannot last very long period of time so i always apply black eyeshadow on the make it last longer. The only one bad thing about this eyeliner is ... There is only one counter stand in my town!!! ( halmstad , sweden).. Please , i need more!!!