Styling Creme

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Mandy J.

I love this product. I use it when my hair is wet and when my hair is dry. It really does protect my hair. Very light weight which is a big plus for me. Smells great.

Lameka F.
Makes hair super soft!

I love this product, I received a sample of it at a local beauty event and used it all, so I decided to purchase a full size from there website. I have naturally curly hair so it makes it so hard to get it soft since it's so dry.I use this while my hair is damp right before I blow dry it and once I blow dry my hair, it is noticeably softer. Overall, I love it and I would recommend trying it if you want softer hair. I wouldn't recommend using this product when your hair is dry because it adds a really oily residue. Oh and the scent is amazing too!

Desiree' R.
I have curly hair

I like how it didn't make my hair or hands feel sticky. I like that I can either leave it curly and the curls look nice or I can blow dry it straight and it stays straight.

Morgan B.
Wen never fails to impress me

Okay, so there have been many complaints about wen leaving hair dry and brittle/crispy. But, I think this styling cream works very well. I make sure to use it right after applying wen on damp hair, and then making sure to use a little bit of the oil as well. It keeps my curls in place, which is especially helpful in these coming summer months where the humidity can be a bear. I think the amount he recommends can be a little too much, so start off with a little less, and on DAMP hair. Your hair will end up feeling dry if you use it on your dry hair.

Miranda R.
Not For Me . . .

I love the smell of this product, but it made my curly thick hair extremely frizzy and dry-looking. However, it was a great when used before a blow-out to straighten my hair.

Kawehi G.
There are better styling cremes on the market.

I thought it was going to leave my hair 'crispy' (if that makes any sense) which is why I didn't want to use it... but I did anyway just for the hell of it because I got the system as a gift but.... I didn't see anything happen when I used it. It's kind of oily for my hair but it might work good for someone else with drier hair maybe? I dunno.. not great product, nothing special about it at all.