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Brush 10 Stippling Brush (2014)

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Jacqueline H.
Solid Brush...but for different reasons than you may think.

This brush is a well constructed quality brush that any makeup enthusiast and/or makeup artist would be proud to own. That being said, I just do not think it is an ideal brush for foundation application and here's why:

This is a dual fiber brush that in terms of bristle length, in my opinion, is better suited to powder application and blending. The bristle lengths are far too long for any accurate foundation placement, and it just isn't dense enough... Using this brush with a liquid foundation wastes product because the fluid works its way up into the belly of the brush and clumps the very fibers together that are supposed to give one an 'airbrushed look' with any degree of simplicity.

I use a foundation brush that is nearly identical to Wayne's #1 brush only mine is the 4mm instead of the 2mm. I prefer Wayne's #1 brush because the bristles have more controlled spring which it enables the bristle to pick up just the right amount of product, and the length of these bristles truly does create a smooth finish to to the makeup. I'm all for using brushes outside of the realm of what the brush characteristics dictate; however, in my opinion, this particular brush is one I do not reach for when applying foundation...Powder yes..foundation no.

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Alex S.
The Last Face Brush You Will Ever Buy

Okay let's have a coming to Jesus moment..... And let's go. This brush literally will do it all. From a beautiful liquid foundation application, to a powder foundation, blush, bronzer, finishing powder. This is it.

As a professional it is rare to come across a tool that is so trust worthy. I find myself constantly going back and grabbing this brush to the point I had to buy 4 of them.

I always know what to expect when I pick this up and I always know it is going to be beautiful.

If you're looking for one brush that will change your all over face makeup game- this is it!

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Kikimon P.

For someone with super dry and flaky skin, you do not have to search further. The Wayne Goss #10 has a nice bounce to it. Not too soft like the MUF 122, nor too much resistance like other non-stippling brushes. Trish McEvoy's mistake-proof brush gives a similar sheer finish without micro-exfoliate your skin, but it doesn't give you the luxurious feel like Goss does.

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Janine B.
Great for blending!

I love this brush for blending after my makeup is complete. If my blush or bronzer looks spotty this is perfect in terms of blending any harsh edges. I like it more for that than for foundation application.

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Lina E.
Am I the only one with a negative experience?

Let's just say I was expecting this to be the best brush ever, even better than my Make Up Forever 122 brush, which is my favorite stippling brush. I am not sure what I was expecting this to do..but I love Wayne Goss and anything Wayne Goss. I am obsessed with his videos and he is probably my favorite beauty guru. But this brush was such a let down. First of all, it felt really rough on my skin. I could live with that (I expected it to soften up after a few washes) but the shedding..oh the shedding. And the worst part is they're white bristles so I couldn't even see them but I knew they were there. I probably picked over 3 hairs the first time I used this. I assumed it was because it's new, so I washed it, hoping for a better experience. And again...I had white bristles all over my face and sat for ages picking them and allocating them because they were buffed in with the foundation. I immediately used my Make Up Forever brush after this and it felt heavenly. I washed this one again and have yet to use it. I am so disappointed in this brush and had high hopes for it..but reading all these positive reviews baffles me, I must have received the random poorly made one :(

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Dasha C.
You have to know how to use it

I have to admit that I didn't use this brush too much when I first purchased. Another reviewer here states it is not good for foundation because it wastes product. I have to disagree. If you use this product correctly you actually get away with less foundation. Wayne goss has a video where he reviews the makeup forever hd ultra foundation and when you use the technique he uses in that video it works like a dream for lifeless application. I have replaced my beauty blender with this. I just had to know how to use it!

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Diary L.
How can I put this.

How can I put this. I was ordering these brushes as powder brushes. Because I don't want to wash my brushes every single day. Yes, I am L.A.Z.Y but this brushes glide on my skin like nothing. I mean nothing !!! it is so soft, so smooth, it's better than a sponge.

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C Y.
Sheds, and don't blend effectively.

This brush is soft, and it feels good on the face but man this brush sheds like crazy! Also, I tried to blend liquid product and it doesn't do the job well. Tried with powder but I like the #11 brush a lot better.

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This is my treasure :D

Well I have all Wayne Goss brushes and I can't decide which one is the best. This is so far my best of the best. I have extremely sensitive skin and I tried a lot of stippling brushes all them breakout my Skin except this brush Its sooooo soft. I use it with full coverage foundation like kat Von D Only less than one pump and blended with this amazing brush and bam!!! flawless and wonderful Brush no. 10 highly recommend !

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Kayla C.
Great overall face brush!

I know this brush is pricey but it's absolutely worth it. I have very dry skin so very often applying foundations with a brush only makes it worse. A new foundation I purchased recommended to apply with a brush and not a sponge. Looking for a brush that didn't micro exfoliate I came across this while being an avid watcher of his YouTube channel. It is perfection! It blends out any foundation to make it look flawless. I put cream contour and highlight on and then foundation on top and use this brush to blend it all together and my face looks very natural and seamless. If your hesitant about it, buy it, so worth it!

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