Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf 'Flowerbomb' Refillable Eau de Parfum Spray


Jasmine P.

I LOVE Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum. It's smells so sweet, floral and feminine. I've used it for the past couple of days and it mixes with my skins natural oils so well and leaves off a deliciously sweet and fresh smell that is perfect for spring. It is a little pricey but It stays so well and just gives a clean and feminine smell to you that I am willing to shell out the money for it.

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Heather C.

I love this perfume. To me it has a timeless quality. It is a floral, (hince the FLOWERbomb) but it is not overbearing. It is soft, romantic and...not girly, but every bit feminine. There is this playful youthfulness to it but at the same time I feel that it isn't just for the young. Every woman can enjoy this delightfully beautiful fragrance.

Maryam F.
Amazing scent, not so amazing price :(

The only bad thing about this is the price! But it is totally worth it. The thing I love about any perfumes, is how it reacts to everyone differently. It took a while for Flowerbomb to grow on me, but it quickly became one of my all time faves!

Thoai T.

This purfume has a unique and timeless smell. You pay what you get! It worth every penny :) It sound krazy but it lasts for a whole day the smell doesn;t seem to fade all you need is one spray.

Nik Von B.

Its very feminine and sophisticated, and pricey! I love it. It has a timeless feel. Its floral but not overload. Its feminine but not girly. Its a scent that can be worn by many different age groups. Timeless.

Amanda Y.
Good---just not worth the $$$

I smelt this a few years ago and wanted to buy it immediately. Well, finally about 5 yrs later I convinced myself to buy it. It does smell wonderful. Although I felt the smell didn't last as long as it should've for that steep of a price. I ended up returning it back to sephora just for the fact it was hard to pay so much for a perfume that I was absolutely in love with. $110 was just wayyyyy too steep of a price tag. Wish it was cheaper and I would buy it again.