Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Body Mist


Jacquelyn J.

I ordered this online last week and I really adore the smell of this fragrance! I do want to get the perfume version of this but will think about it. This is one sexy scent that every girl must have!

Doreen L.

I bought the travel-size version to put inside my bag and it smells great! It smells fresh and not too musky. I have the fragrance one as well and I usually spray this on throughout the day to keep the scent fresh.

Lana Y.

I bought the travel size to keep in my bag,..I get compliments every time I wear this spray! Very nice clean yet subtle sexy scent. The travel size is $15.00 regular price.

gee m.

I received this fragrance in a Victoria’s Secret gift bag liked it so much I purchased one for my mom because she really liked it as well. This is a nice sexy fragrance. Price $25.00

Taylor S.
so so

I received this a gift for Christmas, its an okay scent. Its very light and clean. However I'm more of a floral gal. Probably won't be repurchasing this for myself, its just not my style.

Maya B.

So, i got this as a gift and it smells amazing! Its not fruity and its not supper strong. Its just right and the perfect scent for any's gift!! It's so great tht every time i spray it the locker room people are like "MMMMMMMMMM'' ..haha so go get and make go "MMMMMMM" (:

Amara D.

love this smell so much, except my mom thinks it smells bad on me. the body mist doesn't stay on me too long =/ i kinda regret buying this huge bottle.

Savannah S.
Date Night Ready

This is a very sexy scent. They really did win with this Bombshell Body Mist. Not only is it a contridicting beautifully suttle, but sexy magnetic, for a date night, or if you just want to feel sexy.

Nora V.

This stuff is just simple, but complex at the same time. It's great for every day, but it's such a sexy, seductive scent. I've gotten more then a handful of compliments on it. :)

Themis J.

Bombshell Body Mist makes me feel sexy. I actually purchased the miniature for the convinience of keeping it in my purse. Besides making me feel sexy, it stays on the skin for a long time.