Victoria's Secret

Soothing Lip Balm

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Jane F.

Comes in 2 colors, I got the "Pink Sugar" one. It looks great on alone, or over a lipstick. The results are very glossy, and the mint smell is very refreshing.

Only thing I don't like, and this applies to all products that you have to dip your fingers into, is the container that it come in. I always feel the need to wash my hands before and after using it. So when I'm on the go, it is not ideal.

Jaclyn N.

I use this to make any lip color into a gloss. I'll apply a light coat over my lipstick and its perfect because you can control just how glossy you'd like it to be. Work it in with a lip brush or your finger so the product sets. I couldn't imagine it to be a lip balm...there's alot of shine in its application.

Nadia B.
Lip Balm of Choice

I've been a fan of the Soothing Lip Balm for close to 10 years now. It was first introduced to the market as Balmy Nights, but then received a much needed makeover. Hurray for color choices now. I use the Pink Sugar whenever I just want a hint of color. The peppermint smell is not too strong and the balm glides on silky smooth. Since using the product I've never had an issue with dry lips. My only issue is the new packaging. It is very difficult to get the lid off. However, whatever lid issues I may have, once I get it removed, I am a very happy person.

Angela W.
Silky smooth lips at your fingertips.

I really like this balm. It's super silky and smells fantastic. The peppermint oil is nice and refreshing, too. A little girlier than Burt's Bees for those days that I just need everything around me to be pink!

Jenny W.

I picked this up because I thought the packaging was very cute, and I have a thing for lip balms. Well, the packaging turned out to be a pain to open, especially when I have lotion on my hands. The lip balm feels nice upon application, thanks to the peppermint oil, but it's a bit sticky for my liking. It does a decent job of moisturizing I suppose, but nothing special. Overall, very meh.