Victoria's Secret

Precision Liquid Liner


Jann B.

To start off with, the eyeliner is overpriced. If I am going to spend $13, I might as well go to MAC or Sephora... On that note, I really liked this eyeliner for a thicker cat eye. It is IMPOSSIBLE to do a thin line with this eyeliner. It goes on very smooth as well. The only reason I ended up not buying another one after I was done was that it will smudge off so easily! By the end of the day, my eyes will look like racoon eyes!

Victoria D.

Personally, I would not purchase this for myself. The liner can be pigmented, however, you usually need two swipes to get total opaque color. And going back over the same line, even though it's dry, can wipe away what you've already done. The felt tip is far too hard, and it's almost impossible to get a thin line with this!