Victoria's Secret

Eyeshadow Quad


Rayana H.
Eye Contact is a great natural palette, lots of shimmer

I currently own this quad in Eye Contact in their newly designed palettes. Instead of having 4 long strips of shades, now the quads have 4 separate squares, like several other brands. I think this is much better because the 4 strips could easily get mixed with each other. They also have BASE, LID, CREASE, and HIGHLIGHT engraved in each shade. They have this because on the back of the quad there's instructions on how to make up your eye. The new Eye Contact shades are a satin pink-taupe [BASE], shimmery deep-gold [LID], matte(ish) red-brown [CREASE], and light shimmery pink [HIGHLIGHT]. The base, lid, and highlight shades are very shimmery, like many Victoria's Secret makeup products. I use the highlight shade the most for around my tear ducts since it's a near-white pink. The crease shade is mostly matte, but has some glitter in it. One day I followed the instructions for my eye makeup, and it looked good for the most part. The only problem I had was that the gold color [LID] didn't compliment the pink-taupe shade [BASE]. Overall this is a beautiful natural palette, and a great alternative for the Naked Palette if you want to pack light or travel. It is a bit too shimmery and glittery, but typical of a Victoria's Secret product.