Victoria's Secret

Beach Sexy Flawless Airbrush Instant Bronze Body Spray


Annie O.

I'm pretty fair skinned I can tan but with my vetiligo I get the large white spots all over my body that become more visible as I tan, I started using the spray I found it at the semi annual sale I bought an entire case of it, I doesn't make me orange like all the other ones do. The smell is amazing and its so even because its instant, making my body an even brown so i can wear all the cute clothing that I need to feel my best in the summer

Elizabeth W.
makes me look fabulous

This spray is awesome, it comes out like an airbrush, i still had to rub it in some. It made me look so good, it covers up any imperfects on your body, and i use it on my face. Ive had no problems using it on my face and i dont even have to wear face makeup when i wear it! although for my body i use this and then i go back with some tanning lotion to make me even more tan :)

Adrienne S.

My legs never tan. I used this last year so my legs would like tan at my college graduation. I repurchased it again this year. It's probably not the best product, but it's better than most self tanning products.