Vera Wang



Brittany R.

I love the smell of lovestruck! Best perfume ever. such a wonderful smell last all day for me. I recommend this perfume for everybody! I also have to go buy some more, I used up the whole bottle in a year.

Briana M.
Great scent. not for me though

I noticed this scent on another woman and asked her what she was wearing. it has a sweet smell with a hint of floral. It didn't bother my allergies then, but when I put some on today, I couldn't stop sneezing and my sinuses went berserk. I hate it, cuz I can't return it now. If you don't have allergies, this is a great scent, and it lasts and lasts ;-P the bottle is beautiful.

Nazlin A.
Amazing Scent

Love it. The bottle is so unique with the cover and stuff, I'm in love with this fruity sweet romantic scent.Vera Wang Scents are always the best. And for you guys who like fruity scent, you will definitely love this !

Delaney B.

I bought this Perfume only last month, but I know I'm going to love it for the rest of my life! The scent is so floral, and romantic! I feel like a princess whenever I wear it! All I need is a Lovestruck prince! :) The other thing I adore about this perfume is the bottle! It looks so unique and so artsy! This is my must have perfume and it gets so many compliments!

Sara B.

Amazing scent in a gorgeous bottle!! so glad i decided to take the advice of a few of my fave youtube beauty gurus and check this perfume out... I fell in love with this scent the first time i smelled it..and it looks beautiful on my perfume tray/mirror on top my dresser:)

Kim A.
Love it!

I loveeee this sent! Ever since it came out i've wanted to get it! Its on my holiday wish list so expect it to be in my favorites until like... forever <3

Melissa D.
Love at first smell

My new favorite scent. The packaging bought me to the product not to mention its by Vera Wang. When you get a whiff of Lovestruck it makes you want to be in love. Its intoxicating. The floral scent reminds me of a flower blooming kind of like love in bloom.

Francesca L.

Lovestruck is dare I say, BETTER than Vera Wang's previous best seller, Princess. They took my favorite scent and made it even more appealing! This scent is floral but not too over the top. It is made for all ages and is subtle yet very noticeable because this smell can only be loved!