Velour Lashes

You Complete Me


Mikayla A.

I love these eyelashes and hope you girls try them out there flawless and look natural. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have thank you for looking at my post

Tracy R.

I was able to get these lashes at the NYC IMATS I love them. they have such a soft feel, shape to fit the eye, and looked so natural. I wished I had brought more. Will be buying are those real an another you complete me. The only problem was that as a glasses wearer, they were still too long

Jaymie F.
Long and natural looking

I was really excited to try these since i've heard nothing but good things about them. I was a little worried that they might be too long and not look natural but the girls from Velour Lashes said it gives your eyes an extra oomph and Are They Real may be too natural looking. When I recieved my lashes, they looked really nice and natural looking. When I tried them on, OMG, they were super long! A little too long in my opinion but they way the mink fur looks, it made them look a little more natural and fluttery, but just super long. It looks good in pictures but I think in real life you can tell they aren't real (which I wanted to look real and more natural just fuller). But it's still fun to wear and they are lightweight. Customer service is excellent and they had super fast shipping!! Next, I'll like to try Are Those Real :)