Urban Decay



Danielle D.
Wonderful Palette

I love this palette and has kept it as a staple in my makeup kit since I got it. It's very diverse, good for creating anything from "barely there" looks to dramatic smokey eyes. Urban Decay has some of my favorite eyeshadows, and these do not disappoint. They're creamy powders with good pigmentation and easy to blend. While those with oily lids should use a primer, the shadows do last a long time. The metallic shades are some of my favorite to foil and work great as graphic liners. It's a good value for the price with the only downside being the shadows' tendency to have fallout.

Taylor S.
Love it.

Of course urban decay never disappoints. I'm in love with my vice 2. The shadows are beautiful and very well pigmented. Also comes with a double ended brush. Well worth the $. Full review on my blog beauty-by-taylor.tumblr.com

Heather C.

Absolutely gorgeous! It was a little pricey but it is well worth it!! The colours are unreal and nothing Iv used before.. I have somewhere over twenty pallets and sometimes run out of ideas but this palette had given me so much inspiration. Colour prank is my favourite!

Dee J.

I use this palette daily! Great pigment, long lasting and an unlimited amount of color combinations. The only negative I've found is there are very few matte shades which I prefer for daytime wear.

Hanna A.
More love to UD!

I have both the original Naked and Naked 2 palettes but they ain't got nothing on the Vice 2. I LOVE this palette! The colour variety is amazing! I use it all the time for day looks and night looks as well. Top notch eyeshadow quality, which really isn't surprising for Urban Decay. They are so pigmented and blendable! Such a great addition to a make up collection. :)

Aisling S.

fab combo of colours. Another triumph from UD! Colours are wonderfully rich especially the rich jewel tones of blue & green. While I LOVE the "naked" series from UD this super vice 2 collection should not be overlooked!

Lumi B.
Astonishing yet Subtle

I was happy to buy my V2...I wanted it so bad I returned a gift I got for my Babe *Ahh* lol okay so for the review part; this beauty has wonderful colors bright, sparkly and unique. I love Coax and Betrayal yet I don't rly use the rest. I'm happy they added some true nudes. Rewind is a bit dusty and im not a fan of Smokeout or Poison and surprisingly I hate X-Rated ... I love pinks =[

Laura  G.

this is so amazing ma husband bought this for me:) it has ur natural colors nd pops of color nd all the colors in my opinion are very pigmented nd easy to blend

Jillian P.
Absolutely Love It!!

I received this palette 3 days ago for Christmas, and it is amazing. All the colors are drop dead gorgeous! Also they are very pigmented and nice. What I like about this palette is that there are matte and shiny colors. It comes with an amazing double sided brush which is so soft! This palette is totally worth the money and I totally recommend this palette to any makeup user!

Jorden R.

So i just went to this really large mall and i went to 3 sephoras they had so i went to one sephora and all all the naked 3 palettes were gone and there were only two vice 2 palettes left so i HAD to have it when i saw the tester and man i went home and OH MY GOD DUDE GLORY IN A PALETTE. I NEVER CARED FOR THE NAKED PALETTES BECAUSE THEY DIDNT HAVE MUCH COLOR VARIETY. THESE EYESHADOWS ARE SOO BEAUTIFUL AND SO PIGMENTED AND LAST ALL DAY . YOU CAN CREATE SO MANY DIFFERENT LOOKS. AND THIS IS AMAZING. NUFF SAID. 100/10