Urban Decay

The Feminine Palette


Rebecca G.
No blues? Love it.
Photo of product included with review by Rebecca G.

In a means to satisfy my cravings for an Urban Decay palette. I settled up on the Feminine Palette. While in the store, I was struggling to find a palette without a blue eyeshadow. Blue eyeshadow isn't my thing. When the assistant pulled out the Feminine Palette I knew it was the one for me. All the colours are gorgeous. It contains your neutral shades as well as your more experimental ones. The eyeliner in black means it goes with everything. I've never been more thrilled with a palette. The eyeshadows don't crease or fade even without the primer potion. They're so highly pigmented and have only a little fall out. I'm in love.

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Stephanie T.

Once again urban decay did not disappoint. I bought this palette a few months back and i absolutely love it. Again, crazy pigmented shadows, amazing texture, packaging is adorable! It's a great palette if youre looking to go neutral with a pop of color!

Lela B.
Great Palette!

I adore this palette! All the colors are gorgeous and go on so smooth! I adore the purple, Ecstasy! The pink works as an inner eye hi-light for me, and the browns are absolutely stunning. I even love the green, and I normally hate green eyeshadows. I actually wasn't a fan of the eyeline. It ran and irritated me eyes, and never stayed put. But I love love love the eyeshadow primer! Well worth the money!

Sadie A.
Useful but not my favorite UD palette

I don't know why I chose this palette because I'm not a fan of purple eyeshadow. I ended up not liking the pink shade very much either but everything is richly pigmented. The liner is amazing as is the UDPP. All in all a useful palette for everything from a neutral eye to a bit of color.