Urban Decay

The Black Palette


Bold C.
Not worth the price

Although Urban Decay has some awesome products, this one is not one I would recommend. Yes the colors are gorgeous but when you go to apply them you can hardly tell which color is which. They are too dark, but one side I guess they are okay for smokey looks especially the black. Overall I really don't care too much for it

Stephanie M.
I love it!

I went to a Urban Decay workshop and a professional helped me apply this palette and achieved a beautiful smokey eyed look. I bought the palette and when I took it home, I ended up blending the colors incorrectly and they all looked very grey and dark and blahish. After practicing, I got the hang of it, but really you have to be careful when applying these colors. Overall its a great palette and I love Black Dog! Its such a highly pigmented black,probably the blackest black I own.

Sarah S.
dark colors

Bought at Ulta for $22... nice deal. The colors are all dark and pigmented. They are good for smokey looks. Overall, it is a good palette if you use dark colors.

Donna T.

I saw this palette and knew it was for me, I love smokey eyes! I really dig each and every one of these colors. Each one is really pigmented, and very rich. They're all really deep jewel-toned smokey colors. I also like that it didn't just include a bunch of greys, blacks and browns.. they actually put some color into it! If I'm in need of a quick look for going out, I default to using Cobra with a matching gel liner that I happen to have. It alone creates a perfect smokey eye!

Bryanna H.
Wish the colors in the pan were the colors on my eyes!

I bought this palette at Sephora having just swatched them on the back of my hand. The colors looked like richly pigmented, "black-dipped" colors as the description implyed. However, when it came time to try them out on my eyes, they all looked plain black. Granted, I am extremely fair (NC15 in the summer, HA!) but I was a little disappoint. Of course the formula on these is amazing so I will continue to use them in my black smoky eye looks but I really was hoping for more versatility. I will say that if you are looking for the best matte black shadow, look no further than Black Dog, you could use that shadow as liner its so pigmented!

Devin-Rose T.
I think I'm in love with this palette!

I love this palette so very much. The colors are greatly pigmented. Black Dog is the blackest black I have ever owned. Its so amazing. The other colors are undeniably black. lol. Yes they have other amazing tones in them but the black base they used does show. You want dark purple? this is the darkest purple you can find. This palette is perfect for a dark smokey eye. The only thing I didn't like about it was the liner that came with it but Urban Decay Black Palette, I <3 u!

Julia W.
My Favourite Urban Decay Palette!

I have had this palette since its release last year. Urban Decay is by far my favourite brand of highly pigmented and dramatic eye shadows, but this set of 6 is my number ones all time so far. I love dramatic smokey eyes and this does the trick. Black Dog is the darkest matte black I know in existence.

Yes be prepared for some black/dark fallout but it is well worth the fuss of covering your cheeks or other means of fallout guarding.

I have no cons to say about this palette at all, plus it comes with a travel size 24/7 liner in Zero. You can't beat that!

Zita D.
6 colors and they are all black.

This is my dream.

Don't be deceived by the photo. All these shadows show up black. EXTREMELY pigmented, so be sure to shield your cheeks because you will get black dust all over.

Also, I love how metal the names of the colors are: Black Dog Barracuda Jet Sabbath Cobra Libertine

Every goth girl needs this.

yes. NEEDS

The only complaint I have about this palette is that it is in a big cardboard box, so it's not conducive to travel, or purse-toting and god forbid it gets wet... I would cry.

Lexie H.
awwwwhhhh the black palette!

i have used this on my eyes and the shadows are all black looking with the colors that they are peek out through the black.you can barely see the color because all the shadows are all made and have a black base,but i love bark eyeshadow and these have color peeking through the black.all the colors are shimmery and with one black matte color called black dog.and i love the eyeshadow names.urban decay is the best!