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Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color

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Theresa G.
Lipgloss, Lipstic & lipstain in one
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These chubby pencils are great. I have been wearing them for the past 2 weeks and they are deffinitly long lasting. Very bright summer colors. Glides on like butter and no need to worry about putting a gloss over it. Its a lipstick and gloss in one : ) can't wait for more colors : ) It acts more of a lipstain feels like a lipstick and looks like a lipgloss.

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Kristalyn G.
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I first bought F-Bomb, which is a beautiful deep red and I loved that it goes on very smooth and that it doesn't take much product to have a lot of colour pay off. I also recently purchased Crush which is an amazing bright pink/fuchsia and also, the same great texture and colour pay off with not a lot of product. They are also really glossy so they are really like the perfect lipstick/lip gloss combo! They are definitely worth it and I would recommend this to any one who loves bright lips.

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Arabelle S.
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I've got all of them, but my favorite is hands down Crush. Punch Drunk comes as a close second, but I love Crush not only because it's the perfect shade for me -- matches my hair wonderfully! -- but it wears beautifully, and lasts forever. The way it wears it a really beautiful gradient and just looks really elegant and not like, "Oh she needs to re-apply her lipstick." It's not drying at all, and you seldom need to reapply during the day. I drink a lot of tea and water throughout the day and I need to reapply once, if at all.

The other colors, particularly the ones with shimmer, are absolutely beautiful and really finely blended so although they have shimmer it's not gritty at all on your lips. They all stain nicely as well.

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Ashley M.
Overpriced for what it is

yes it is a lipstick and gloss in one, yes it is bright and yes the crayon form is handy....but it's 3 times the price of Milani lip flash ad it is exactly the same thing. Two of the colours are even identical to lip flashes I already have. If it was long lasting I would pay the extra money but it comes off just as easily as Milani and feels the same. Not impressed

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Nadia N.

I love this lip color and it's very moisturizing. They are very creamy and easy to supply. They are very pigmented and have a great array of colors. You do have to sharpen these. They are very glossy which I like.

Tanja M.

Very pigmented. I wouldn't call this lip gloss at all. It's very creamy lipstick, with noticable shine at first but as it dries it leaves your lips more matte, which I think it's great(just a personal preference). It slides on your lips so easy but if you have dry lips, you better exfoliate them and take care of them cause this will show all your flakes. It lasts long, the formula is great, the color is vibrant. I don't have any bad words for this product. Buuut, you will need a large sharpener for this so if you're not into that kind of stuff, it could be a problem for you.

Lexa D.

This was just the shade of pink I was looking for! And the best part is that it's long-lasting and has a glossy look, even though it doesn't feel like a gloss. I definitely plan on buying more after this one runs out!

Melissa M.

I love these super saturated high gloss lip colours and I think that the mix between lip gloss and lip stick is a great time saver. I really think everyone should have at least one of these products.

Deanna P.
Perfect color, perfect last!

This color is gorgeous any time of year so its great every day too. I use it quite often and it lasts pretty long. The color isnt a hassle to re-apply cuz its so light. Its a great shade on my skin (light olive). I would suggest it for anyone.

Lavinia O.

This is my favorite lip gloss EVER (my only wish is for more shades)!! I bought this in shade "Big Bang" which looks amazing! It's highly pigmented, long lasting, glossy, shimmery, gorgeousness!