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Starlight Glitter Body Art

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Jenny F.
love it!

I LOVE THIS KIT! I've only used it once but i swear that my pink glitter rose tattoo lasted for days. Literally, days. I cant wait to try the other stencils and colors!!

Metta X.
Amazing product and amazing price!

I purchased this kit from the UD website when it was on sale for only about $7 which is kind of crazy since the original price is about $20? I'm not too sure, but it sure is a lot more expensive than what I bought it for. First off the color selection is amazing! I love using this on the eyes, or just for pure face decor for fun nights. I mainly bought this because it's almost halloween and I wanted to try a couple of different looks and let me tell you, this is definitely made apply glitter so much easier! This also comes with some stencils that you can use to make skulls, hearts, and such, but I love the glitter glue wand that it comes with because you can get the precise decoration you want! Another great feature to this kit (which probably made me enjoy this kit so much more) is the synthetic fan brush! This kit would not be the same without it! It sweeps away the glitter so easily with little or almost no effort at all! This product is great if you love applying glitter. I also love mixing some of the glitters together! The quality of the glitter is very nice too, not too chunky like you get from the craft store. Great product.

Steven N.
Great stuff.

Used this for a special event in the middle of the most humid of conditions and it STILL held up for days! Glitter is super fine milled which allows colors to transition into each other very effectively. Great for kids party (to be used ON the kids not BY them), festivals, Body painting/art, and Stage.

Brittney T.

This kit is a great value !!! It is sooo tough to wash off my friend had body art for a week even with showers.

The stencils are user friendly and the adhesive works wonders

Jacqueline P.
Perfect for a girls night out!

I love using this kit on myself and friends before we head out for the night!It's perfect to use when you're not quite daring enough to commit to a real tattoo!Plus,all the glitter is a great plus!It says to avoid using warm water and soap til youre ready to wash it off,but I find even washing with soap it still lasts pretty well.I just wish it would have included more stencils in it,as opposed to the five it has.