Urban Decay

Sparkling Lickable Body Powder- Marshmallow


Nicole T.
Interesting product

I bought this because i think it is really interesting and it seems kinda fun Lol :p

Anyways,the smell of this are really really super good,i actually love the smell,and it says 'lickable' which is true,and it says it is suppose to taste like marshmallow but it actually tastes just like...just sugar so i guess that's just ok for me,and one more thing,this sparkling body powder is only suitable for fair skin girls due to the color shade is a little white so it won't be perfect for darker skin tone girls like me :/

Leslie H.

This is pretty nice, not exactly appetizing but it gives a nice glow for people with fair skin! It's a really gorgeous and pale highlight and not overly glitter and it smells great.