Urban Decay

Matte Eyeshadow


Staci M.
Best Matte Shadow Out There!

These seriously kick butt! Even pigmentation and easy to blend, which is a rare find in a matte shadow. I have tried many other mattes; MAC, bareEscentuals, Studio Gear, you name it, and nothing has ever even come close to these. My favorite is Naked, which is a great, natural looking crease color.

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Denise S.
Really pigmented and smooth

I only own one eyeshadow at the moment, Electric, and it's the most vivid bright blue I own. At first I was kind of iffy, but it was on sale on Hautelook, so I figured, why not? Now I wish I bought more of them.

Not sure how similar it is to MAC's Clarity, but I have a feeling this is a tad darker and the teeniest more green. It's suprisingly smooth and SUPER pigmented, it's actually more pigmented than some of the MUFE mattes I have. I can't say all of them are this nice, but if you love bright blues, pick up Electric!

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Olivia H.
Very Creamy

I love this eyeshadow because although it is matte, it goes on very creamy and light. It is a great color for light skintones and I would recommend it for anyone who loves a good matte look.

Shana W.

this is a fun color i love it and you should try it you will get better results than any other i like it because it is usable for anything like parties ,dates or anything else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Abigail S.
Great shadows

i have several of these shadows and I love them. They are so smooth and blendy so easily. It's easy to use these to create several different looks. What can I say...I love urban decay eye shadows! <3

Sara N.
My favorite "blending" color

I use this color pretty much everyday, whether I use it as a lid color, or to blend darker colors or harsh lines out. This color is really good for my particular skin tone to blend colors out. My "everyday" look is a light shimmery color on my lid, a dark brown in the outer corner and blended inwards on the lid and then this color in the crease to fade out everything that's on the lid.

Anna W.
Fabulously textured mattes.

UD Matte shadows have the same smooth texture, pigmentation and blendability of their shimmer shadows. A lot of mattes can be chalky or unevenly pigmented, and most I have tried do not have the long wear that shimmers do. UD is the exception. I have eight of the full-size matte colors, and a few more in UD palettes, and each one is easy to use and lasts all day with a primer.

Colleen M.

I love Perversion! I use it almost everyday whether its my base color, or in my crease. You don't need a lot of the eyeshadow, it's very pigmented and blends well!

Swinda M.

these are great, i have them in Chronic (bright green), Cult (purple), and the black which i think is called "perversion" the label scratched off, love these bc it has no shimmer, great for smokey eyes

Ashley K.
Great color
Photo of product included with review by Ashley K.

These are really nice, they have great pigment and apply very smoothly with little to no fallout. They are great for achieving those looks that you want to be dramatic but not glitter filled. I do wish they would make these in more colors as their current selection is rather limited.