Urban Decay

Loose Pigments


April V.
Great Pigments!
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I got my haul for $2 each on hautelook.com Loved it. I have 12 colors in this style. The containers are slightly messy, but if you are careful with it I'm sure you can make it work. Mix & match w/ other matte eye shadows. Less is more in these little pots because of how rich the colors are. I definitely recommend looking out for the sales.

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Meaghan M.
Very pigmented & great for the price, just a lot of fallout with a dud brush

I buy these whenever they're on sale on UD or Hautelook for a dollar...I mean, you can't even buy good (well most...) drugstore makeup for a dollar ! Soo worth it. Super duper pigmented, and the colors are great. Only takes one swipe to get the true color. I know a lot of people struggle with and dislike the applicator, but it is loose pigment and this problem will arise with any loose powder. I agree the brush it comes with isn't the best. An easy fix to this problem is to either A. tap off the brush and carefully place on eyes, or B. put a tissue, piece of tape, or matte powder (then sweep away after doing shadow) under the eye to catch fallout, or C. spray MAC Fix + or another mixing medium on the brush after tapping excess off (this will cause the shadow to stay together on the brush and also amplify the color) or doing the same to a better, more reliable brush. All in all, a great product you can't beat for a dollar !! Just gotta be careful with the fallout !

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Kaitlyn P.
Great pigment, not so great packaging
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As always, the quality of the pigment you're getting (like most things from Urban Decay) is AMAZING - they're so awesome, what else can I say?! A few are a lot like shadow shades, but a couple are pretty unique and aren't comparable to shades they like to put in a lot of their palettes. I'd recommend Protest, Goddess, and Rockstar - they're full of multiple colors of glitter and sparkle and are pretty unique colors. Baked is one of the best golden/bronze colors out there and looks good on practically everyone. Now, I bought these from UD's website over the summer because they were like, $2? Not sure if they're still available, or still that price. Hautelook also had them featured a few times as well. Now, that being said, here's the only negative - the dreaded brush in the cap. I'm not very delicate nor is my hand insanely steady, so for me this brush makes the product get EVERYWHERE. It might work for some, but to me it's not a deal breaker. You can depot these, but personally I like the long cap because it makes it as close to spill-proof as you can probable get with loose pigment. Just avoid the brush lol

Eliza W.
Really fab!

I have this product in gunmetal - a deep sparkly grey. It is absolutely gorgeous! Such a richly pigmented colour perfect for parties. I find that using the brush that comes with the product makes it a little too heavy and prone to fall-out, but using a normal eyeshadow brush you can have a more controlled and even look.

Katie J.

I have this in the color Shag and it is so pretty. I use a regular eyeshadow brush and get some off the side of the applicator it comes with because I find it to be too messy. You need to use a primer or some kind of base for these to stick to if you don't want these to fall down throughout the day though. I don't have a problem with that though. I haven't tried using this wet. I got this for $1-3 so I'm quite pleased. I wouldn't use this on a day when I'm in a hurry to get ready because of the extra effort but if you have a little time these are really nice.

Abigail S.
Love the colors

i absolutely love the colors of these. I got these from the urban decay website on sale for $5 each so for that price I am happy. But like others mentioned the included brush leaves much to be desired and has terrible fall out. I definitely don't feel that they would be worth the original $20 price.

Jordana K.
Yeyo and Asphyxia
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Asphyxia is the pink on the left - it comes out a little pale but I imagine that it will darken up when its wettened. Yeyo is the white/silver on the right - um, WOW! I had only expected this to be a sheer shimmer for highlights and it came up a beautiful snowy, white-silver color.

I'm agreeing with everyone else here… this brush is a problem. They're too stiff or something… I think I'll transfer these over into other pots.

Kristina H.
Awesome colors, stupid packaging

I have quite a few pigments from Urban Decay. I hate the packaging, I think I am going to go ahead and put them in different containers. I cannot understand the thought process behind putting a brush applicator in it. WHY?! The product itself is fantastic though, I use pigments wet and the colors are vibrant and beautiful. But really stupid, STUPID packaging.

Sherry B.

Amazing colors but sooooo not worth $20...lower the price Urban Decay but the colors are amazing. I still prefer many MAC pigments over this one..UD brush is literally pointless it only aides in creating a mess!!! smh who though of that?! smh however the color is long lasting and are pretty but not true to color from the site...my black was actually a dark purple smh

Nicole P.
Colors are amazing!
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I picked up 6 of the loose pigments back when Hautelook had their UD sale. The colors I bought are great! They last a long time (even longer when you use a primer) and are easy to blend. They do have 2 drawbacks: the brush that comes with it sucks and the fallout is crazy. But, you can easily use your own brushes and use a tissue under your eye when applying the pigment of choice. I don't know that I'd pay full price for them but they are definitely worth picking up if you can get them on sale.