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Chamar L.
lip color lasted long, but still feathered

I got this primer inside of the box of potions I ordered over the Urban Decay website. I had always wanted to try a lip primer as I LOVE lipsticks and glosses! I tried this lipstick before spending the day out with my daughter and her friends. While talking to another parent I could feel my gloss becoming sticky in a very nasty way. I went to look in the mirror and noticed that the color held very well, but right where my mouth opens, the gloss began to feather and fall apart. I love Urban Decay products so I will do an exfoliation treatment on my lips then try it again.

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Leiris E.
Smoothes Lines on Your Lips

I can't compare this to any other lip primer since I don't have any. What I can say is I was impressed by this product because it does a great job prepping my lips for lipstick or gloss. I tend to have cracking/creasing lips, so I get build-up in the cracks. This primer smoothes over the lines, preparing my lips for the color application. Also, sometimes certain colors feather around the edges, making me look like I have chapped lips, and this product prevents that from happening.

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Raven N.

I have tried a few lip primers and have never noticed a difference with or without using one. I bought this one, thinking since it is in stick form it might be better that the Too Faced lip primer but still with the same results. This just has a thicker layer (being more like a chapstick) and I suppose does smooth out my lips better that a liquid primer but I still noticed the same amount of feathering as I normally would. Honestly I think feathering seems to just be inevitable and the only thing that I have found to help with it is the quality of the lipstick that you are wearing, not wearing a primer or not. I wouldn't purchase this again.

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Erin S.

i was looking for a lip primer to replace my mac one, the too faced one made me nervous that it would tingle my lips. lucky this bad boy was on sale for $9, i bought 2 and fell in love, it smells great, packaging it cute! and the product does its job