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Lip Junkie Lip Gloss

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Jessica D.
Holly Grail Lipgloss

This is my go to lipgloss for any occasion. It's just a prefect shade by itself or on top of any lipstick. This is just an amazing shade and it's long lasting. My only complaints are that it's a little sticky, and the packing keeps breaking on me! But I can live with those little things because I just love the color!

Zhahara J.
Lip Junkie too

I know a lot of girls are not fans of the mint and tingly sensation that comes with this lipgloss. I do like the minty smell to it which I think smells refreshing. When I first got it I was more drawn to the packaging and wasn't aware it's lip plumping factor. I can't really tell any difference as I have full lips already and I didn't feel any tingling sensation either. It doesn't have a lot of shine as expected and didn't last that long on my lips either.

Melissa M.

I love these lip glosses. They are so pretty and look amazing. I love the colour range and they taste and smell so sweet. Overall,I think that they are a great product

Angie A.
Ow ow ow

Oh dear god no. The texture and color were great, but... That plumping and cooling effect lost me. It's like tinted Icy Hot. You feel a cool, tingly, minty sensation, and then... Your lips start burning and get cartoon-huge. I'm really not a fan. It was painful on my sensitive lips. I'll stick with my Dazzleglass, I think...

Julia P.

This lipgloss isn't tooo sticky. If you aren't a lipgloss fan, this isn't a game changer, but if you like to wear lipgloss this one is a great choice. It has a light tingly minty taste. It isn't very sticky but it's not incredibly smooth and watery- in short it's just a lipgloss that's not bad! The color of Midnight Cowboy is GORGEOUS! It gives just enough of the nude look to tone down my naturally pigmented lips when I do dramatic eyes but the nude color isn't opaque and lets your natural color show through, so it's not too dramatic for anytime. Perfect if you don't like nude lipsticks but like dramatic eye makeup.

Mikkipants V.

This product I received as a sample after purchasing directly off of the Urban Decay website. It's really sticky, minty, and provides a cool tingly feeling. I absolutely love it! I can wear it when I have dramatic eyes or neutral eyes. Either way, it is the perfect accessory to have with you at all times if you forget to apply some sort of lipcolor when rushing out of the house. I was super stoked to have received this shade because it is SLIGHTLY darker than my own natural lips. Love it!

Victoria D.

These have been tempting me for months, so I finally picked one up in Crush. It's soo minty and refreshing! I just love putting it on. You really don't need a huge amount at once either, it's got pretty great staying power for a gloss. I find I don't need to re-appy for 3-4 hours, granted I'm not eating. I try to drink with a straw so I don't need touch-ups all the time. I'm a little sad because the decorative metalish cap thing snapped off, and left only the purple underneath it. It doesn't affect performance, or how it opens/works, but it was pretty! For the price I'd like it to stay pretty, but it's nothing a little glue can't fix. I definitely want more of these lip glosses!

Emilie N.

I got a mini tube of this lip gloss with my Naked 2 palette and i diddnt think it would be too great. I was WRONG! This gloss makes your lips nice and plum and gives them a nice cool feeling. The colors are to die for and the packaging is really cute!

Nichole W.
Fantastic :)

I love this lip gloss. I got a mini-size included with one of my Urban Decay pallets. The formula is super glossy, but not sticky (amazing!!) and it does have a slight peppermint taste after, which I enjoy.

peppy g.
minty and hydrating...

these are so awesome! i got single-use samples of these lip-glosses when i purchased the UD Primer Potion. they came in little bubble wrap things that you could pop and each bubble would last you 1-2 uses. i got Crush and Midnight Cowboy. they're both really minty and get you in the mood for kissing. :3

and it smells insane like CANDY CANES! :D

the Midnight Cowboy one has a load of holographic glittery and looks pretty icky under daylight or when my lips were pale, but it looked fabulous in the evening. it's almost colorless. just glitter.

i really like Crush. it has no glitter which makes it great. kind of like of Clinique Long Last Glosswear's #14 (Cabana Crush) without the glitter or a more pigmented version #11 (Clearly Pink). maybe i'll buy this in full size. maybe, since i like the tube packaging better than having to use an applicator.

it survived a bowl of soup (and heavy-duty munching). i'd give it a 4.5 because of the minty scent/taste, but Clinique Long Last Glosswear has SPF 15 and this doesn't (but it's not as thick/dense and i don't know whether that's a good/bad thing) and Urban Decay's color range for this product are just a bad fit for my personality. plus, the minty feel/taste only lasts for a little while, so maybe 4 will do...

PS: pic i wanted to include but wouldn't upload: http://www.beautylish.com/f/axaiqp