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Nicole A.
love the concept

I'm very impressed with ud for making this pallet, reason being because unless you buy from indie brands like sugarpill, you just can't find colors like this in general. It's a completely out of the box thing with most major cosmetics brands. I love color and avant-garde looks and this pallet is definitely that. It's nice to see a pallet that isn't full of a bunch of neutral shades, honestly how many can one person own!! So I must say besides being amazing when it comes to pigmentation UD has impressed me the most with putting this out there!!!! I wish more department store cosmetic company's would do the same, like me I'm sure there are many other makeup lovers out there that would love to see more palettes like this one......UD my hats off to you (:

Nattis A.
Photo of product included with review by Nattis A.

I'm a girl who LOVES crazy-bold-coloured eyeshadows and theese pigments in this UD Electric Palette is insane! My all time favourite palette who I use almost on a daily basis and I bring it with me everywhere. I use the palette togehter with my UD Primer Portion and also NYX jumbo eyepencil in milk. The only minus I have about this is that the pinks and reds in the palette stain my eyelids pretty badly, but that's easily solved with putting on new eyeshadow the next day or cover it with concealer or foundation.

LOVE IT to death!!

jazzmine M.
Amazing palette good job UD
Photo of product included with review by jazzmine M.

Let me just say this palette is true to its the colors shown what I mean is the color pay off is amazing it's very pigmented works even better with a primed eye along with a white base! Easy to work with and blend I thought working with such a high pigmented shadow it would be chalky but it's not! Good formula UD you really stayed true to the name of the palette because it is truly electrifying!

Danielle D.
Great, Bright Palette
Photo of product included with review by Danielle D.

True to the name, these eyeshadows are very pigmented. They're true-to-color and a little goes a long way. The texture is a little drier than other Urban Decay shadows, but still highly blendable. Overall, a great palette to keep in an artist's kit or those who like to make a statement.

Pros: -Easy to blend -Good color payoff -Long lasting

Cons: -Lots of fallout -Does stain without a primer (especially reds and violets)

Photo: Model - Morgin Pabst, all colors using the Electric Palette (including lips)

Carolina C.
I like it a lot

I am a lover of bright colors, so when I saw this palette, I had to have it. All the colors are gorgeous and pigmented, except for the bright, lime green. That one goes on very well if you pat it on, but if you try to blend it, it disappears and looks quite muddy and strange. I have noticed this happens with the lighter blue color, as well. Otherwise, all the other colors are gorgeous, so pigmented, and so easy to blend. They stay on forever too, though beware, because a couple of them stained my lids for a couple of days.

Mercedes D.

I love this palette! It's very hard to find palettes with neon colours, let alone neon colours with such colour payoff! The colours are highly pigmented, and easily blendable. I love that there's a metallic silver - perfect for the inner corner of the eye. The possibilities of creativity are endless with this palette. It's something you'd only imagine to find somewhere over the rainbow (haha..), but you can purchase it at your local Sephora! So convenient!

PS. The mirror is a great size + the double-ended brush is decent.

Ubaldo A.
I absolutely love this palette!!!

This is my go to palette even when I'm not putting on eyeshadow! The mirror is so big that I always reach for this palette even if I don't want to use any of the colors. It'll stay propped open on its own! So be careful, I didn't support the base of mine properly and after a few months the mirror doesn't stay up as well as it used to. Now onto the shadows! These are all great shades! With a small dab you can go far! This palette can deliver the most intense colors, but it can also give you the softest sheer colors. If you dab a small amount onto your brush you can get really light colors, and with a regular swipe you can get a super colorful intense application! I like doing very colorful eye looks and I always go for this palette! One thing I will say is that I was a bit disappointed in the fact that the silver does not apply as a true highly pigmented silver. It was more of a shimmer you put on top of a shadow to make it shimmer and that actually works great for me!

Telma A.
i love it
Photo of product included with review by Telma A.

Amazing electric colors. Very good pigmented, they are so easy to blend and you can create a lot of looks with this palette. just One of my favorite palettes ever.