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De-Slick In A Tube

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Jes M.
a god send!

so I have been using this on myself religiously since I bought it and love it! It is finally the first mattifying primer that actually works! It has the ingredient magnesium in it so that was the first good sign. It blends out clear so it's good for every skin tone which is true because I have used it on my clients that have dark skin. It really controls the oils on my face and doesn't feel thick. You need soooo little when applying it. So it lasts a long time.

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Lisa C.
I really works

I got this as a sample from Sephora a while ago and I thought it was going to be joke I didn't think it was actually going to work. I apply it to my oily areas, and I don't have any troubles with shine for up to 12 hours.

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Nancy-Lee C.
Use sparingly

So, this looks like it is going to be really thick but it's not, it blends quickly. I discovered, however it starts to ball up if you over blend or use too much in one area. eww. The squeeze tube open to revel a colour-neutraal product so it can be used on every skin tone.

This has a cooling sensation and does make my skin matte but it also feels like i just just washed my face with bar soap - not tight feeling but it feels tight to the touch.

I used this on clean skin once I got a little oily, is when I had the ball-up issue. I used a smaller amount atop my Clinique foundation and didn't have the balling issue but I did have some makeup transfer. Again, it is very cooling on my cheeks but I do not like how my skin feels afterwords.

I will not be purchasing this again. I think the cost @ $28 outweighs the benefit.

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Mandy B.
It isn't a miracle worker but it's fantastic!

This product before my make-up made my skin look flawless. It was amazing. I did expect a miracle to happen (no oil throughout the entire day) but I was being unrealistic. I got oily after 4 or 5 hours (which is more than usual) and then I decided to pat some more on my nose & t-zone area and it made my make-up look like I JUST applied! It really is great and I am in love. HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT FOR SURE! Follow me on twitter & IG: @GoldenBeltran

Ciao dolls!

Stephanie L.
this stuff is seriously amazing!

i absolutely love this. a little bit goes a long way with this stuff. you can actually feel it absorbing oil as you put it on! i don't use it on my whole face, just the spots that get shiny, which for me is my t-zone and under my eyes. you really only need a tiny bit. since it's been so hot out, i've just been wearing this to get rid of shine with no foundation on top. it doesn't completely get rid of shine, but a little bit of powder over it is all you need for a matte look.

Emily S.
A little goes a long way!

At first, I thought that this was going to be a ripoff, but I was pleasantly surprised with how little product I needed to use! It made my skin feel a little tight at first, but after applying my makeup, I was fine. It kept my T-Zone nice and matte in this crazy humidity!

Cassia S.
Controls my oils like no other

This is the only thing I've tried so far that controls my oils all day. If you put too much thou it will show dry patches, if u have any. So I don't use it all over, just on my T-zone.