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Chill Makeup Setting Spray


Nikolett G.
Does what it says !

I've been using this product for a few months now and it really does what it says - sets your make-up, and makes it last for hours and hours ! If I do my make-up in the morning and come home at night, my make-up still looks like I just applied it. I do have a tendency to rest my head on my hand, so my contour/blush/highlight usually rubs off by the end of the day, but on those days where I don't touch my face, everything is still fresh. I also love how long this product has been lasting. I usually use 4-6 sprays, about 5x a week and I've had this for about 3 months. The only thing I wish it did was give my face a more dewy appearance, but other than that, amazing !

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Sophie D.
Perfect makeup throughout the day!

This product is amazing. It allows my makeup to stay looking fresh like I have just applied it. Be careful to not lean your face against things or touch your face a lot as this would cause it to rub off but if you stick to that then your make up will look fresh and gorgeous all day long!xo 💞

Briana M.
My fav

I have this and the all nighter setting spray. I prefer this one and have found it lasts practically as long as the other. It feels so refreshing and not only sets my makeup but makes my skin look and feel hydrated. I would say this is a must have. I refresh throughout the day using Evian mineral water spritz.

Kenna  S.
Great! Cooling and refreshing!

My makeup stays on, and my face feels cool and refreshed! Amazing life scare in the summer when all your makeup wants to melt right off your face. Xoxo~ Kenna 💕💎