Urban Decay

Book of Shadows Volume II


Entice D.

I am a huge fan of this palette! It has lasted me forever. I love how pigmented the shadows are. Gorgeous colors as well! If I could pick one palette to use every single day for the rest of my life, this would probably be it!

Rebecca P.
UD book of shadows were the best way to try this brand truly awesome product

This was my very first UD product and quite honestly this got mee hooked on the brand, I mainly stick to thier eye products and since trying other products from them I can whole heartedly say this is a brilliant palette I don't use it as often as it deserves but when I do I know the difference between this and other pressed shadows, they are so creamy and soo beautfully pigmented I had never seen anything like these when I first got this :)

Sam S.
Love the colors and great quality shadows

I've had this palette for about a year and I've used every color in it at least once. I like more than other since I tend to stick with more neutral colors. The shadows pigment are amazing and stand out. The shadows texture it also good (They aren't too powdery or packed). They last a long time (longer with a primer of course). The only shadow I don't like is "The Midnight Cowboy Rides Again". It is extremely glittery and gets fall out everywhere so be aware of this color when you use it. Otherwise this was well worth the money :)

Jordan T.
Great colors combo choices. And easy to work with.

I missed out on the first UD BOS. And fell in love with this one. It's got so many different color combos. That you can make a whole lot of different looks with this palette. It's a great value. The shadows are very pigmented. And easily blend.

xx JordanMayTwigs. <3

Sofie U.
Awesome colors, stupid packaging.

I don't have a lot of Urban Decay products so I found this to be a great start :) You get a lot of product for the money in the Urban Decay palettes! I only wish that there would have been a better selection of matte shades in the palette. Also, even though the packaging is cute, it's pretty impractical.