Urban Decay

24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencil


Victoria D.

Absolutely AMAZING! I had to have this in Delinquent, and I JUST picked up Clinic and I'm so happy! These are so so easy to apply, and easy to blend out even if you aren't looking for that intense eyeliner/eyeshadow look. Once you apply it, you've got a few seconds to blend it out, fix mistakes, clean up lines, and after that, it is set in STONE! It absolutely will not budge for anyone or anything once dry. I find that layering other shadows on top of this has an awesome effect, especially more sheer eyeshadows. These will definitely get people talking when you wear them. Even if you're going for just a little pop of color, line your water line with this and it won't budge or be missed!

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Wafi A.
Great wear

Do you ever notice how much time you waste putting on primer and then using brushes to blend and put everything on. Makeup takes time, but these little babies save you when you're late.

I love the colors. The actual pencils remind me of the NYX Jumbo pencils or the Sue Devitt Eye Intensifiers. What I love about Urban Decay is the pigmentation, the wear, and longevity of products.

You can honestly skip the primer and not have to worry about creasing and fading. It goes on smoothly and you can also blend with your fingers. The colors are great and range from super intense to natural. I'm super impressed, and I can't wait to see what Urban Decay comes out with next.

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Luna V.
Exactly what pencil shadows should be!

I have to admit, I was extremely hesitant to try these out. I've always been intrigued by the idea of a pencil shadow, something to throw on and go for a no-fuss every-day look, but was always disappointed: most formulas are too wet, too slippery, fall right off the eye and collect in muddy puddles under my eyes.

I picked this product up in "Mercury," a deep pewter gray. The pencil point is sort of dull and round, so contact with the eye is smooth and painless (I have very sensitive eyes). It goes on cool and moist but dries down pretty quickly. It's extremely opaque and does not crease, though it doesn't hurt to keep your eyes as closed as possible while blending it out. --which brings me to the best point: these blend effortlessly, leaving no harsh lines where they've been applied. The finished look is no different than if it had been done with powder shadows. And when applied over a primer, these last all day with no trace of creasing.

I've since gone back and purchased "Clash," the bright turquoise blue. It applies and blends just as nicely, though it's a tiny bit more sheer than Mercury. Possibly because it's not a frosted shade, more of a solid blue with a silver micro-glitter.

Downsides? I'm not sure I have a sharpener big enough for this pencil. The Grindhouse sharpener from UD appears to fit, but I'm not sure I want to spend that sort of money for a sharpener. Also, I'd like to see more variety in shades, but for a brand-new product, it's off to an amazing start.

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Amber R.
Really are waterproof!

Couldn't believe that after a long, hot, humid day this pencil (with no primer under or shadow over, mind you) looked just as fresh as it did when I first put it on! No amount of rubbing would get this off even a bit. I also wore this to the beach and it didn't come off after swimming. Full review at http://tinyurl.com/bq6khak

Myka A.

i actually don't have this product yet but i went to sephora and tried it and this type of liner is really what i like it draws so thickly in my waterline unlike with what im using now, and it's really lng lasting better try this girls it's worth buying!

Ayanna P.
Love it.

I recently got this in 'Rehab'. It's a shimmery, bronze color. Really gorgeous. Long lasting, creamy and pigmented! It was everything I expected :) Can't wait to get a few more!

Grace M.
Great, Long Wearing, Budge Proof, Fantastic Color Range!

I love that most of their pencils are vegan. The color range is so vast, and the uses for the pencils alone is so versatile. The pencils are creamy, yet budge proof. The application is simple, and precise, and you can apply as much you'd like. They don't crease easily. Great as an eyeshadow base, or eyeliner.

Andrea F.

I could use these without a primer and they still wouldn't crease. I bought the color Morphine and I'm absolutely in love! No issues with it so far, now I really want to go pick up more colors!

Amelia R.
I dare you

Go to a Sephora or Ulta. Grab one of these testers and swipe it on the back of your hand. Now go through your day. It will not move. This stuff is heaven. I'm on a swim team, and I had this on before practice one time, in the color Sin, so it's kind of flesh-toned, so I wasn't worried about it running down my face and making me look like a raccoon. To my surprise, after 2.5 hours of being in a pool and sweating, it looked like I had just put it on. Literally, these will never be gone from my makeup collection, I have them in almost every color.

Denise W.

Picked this one up in the color Wasteland and I love it! It does glide exactly as the product states and gives an awesome smoked out look when blended. Best of all, it stays put!